datABBAse - CD

_Various - _Officials ABBA Covers

Release Date: 2020
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Virtual Album
Language: English


_ABBA (Tribute)Singer


1The Winner Takes It All  (Julie ANTHONY)    ab  
2Dancing Queen  (GUGGAMUSIG BAZZASCHÜTTL)    ab  
3Dancing Queen  (Jane MC DONALD)  {Live}    ab  
4Dancing Queen  (Kristina ORBAKAITE+Marina HLEBNIKOVA+Igor NIKOLAJEV)  {Letton Letton}    ab  
5I'Ve Been Waiting For You  (GINA+Dale HAZE+The CHAMPIONS)    ab  
6Dancing Queen  (Michael VACCARO)    ab  
7Dancing Queen  (MIX MASTER CHRIS)    ab  
8Dancing Queen  (NA WAIHO'OLU'U O KE ANUENUE)  {Vietnamse Vietnamese}    ab  
9Dancing Queen  (POPPOO)    ab  
10Dancing Queen  (RAY HAMILTON ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    ab  
11Dancing Queen  (ROZALLA)    ab  
12Dancing Queen  (SEEBRÜNZLER)  {German}    ab  
13Dancing Queen  (Steve SMITH)    ab  
14Dancing Queen  (The COLUMBIA BALLROOM ORCHESTRA)    ab  
15Dancing Queen  (TOXIC AUDIO)    ab  
16Dancing Queen  (VOCAL SIX)    ab  
17Dancing Queen  (The COUNTDOWN)    ab  
18Dancing Queen  (AMOR)    ab  
19Dancing Queen  (BLACK)    ab  
20Dancing Queen  (Bruce PARKER)  {Instrumental}    ab  
22Dancing Queen  (The MYSTIC UNDERGROUND)  {Madeleine Remix}    ab 5.55
23Dancing Queen  (KARAMUNTA)    ab 2.58
24Dancing Queen  (KHAYE)    ab 3.57
25Dancing Queen  (MARUCA+ANASTACIA)    ab 4.58
26I Have A Dream  (Etta CAMERON)    ab  
27I Have A Dream  (Cristy LANE)    ab  
28Va Todo Al Ganador  (Rodrigo CASTRO)  {Spanish}    ab  
29Medley  (Zhang HENG)  {Other Language}    ab
    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (Zhang HENG)  {Medley}    ab
30Suvepidu  (KARAVAN)  {Estonian}    ab 4.18
31Lőpulaul  (Mari LIIS)  {Estonian}    ab 2.55
32Siis Kui Algas Kőik  (Reet LINNA)  {Estonian}    ab 3.15
33Money, Money, Money  (Kuldsed LINDID)  {Estonian}    ab 3.05
34Andante, Andante  (THORLEIFS)  {Instrumental}    ab 4.31
35Chiquitita  (The COMMON PEOPLE)    ab  
36Honey, Honey  (Aarno RANINEN)  {Finnish}    ab  
37I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (Aarno RANINEN)  {Finnish}    ab  
38Honey, Honey  (BLACK & WHITE)  {Finnish}    ab  
39I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (FINVIIHDEKUORO CANTARELLI)  {Finnish}    ab  
40Waterloo  (Eija KANTOLA)  {Finnish}    ab  
41Mamma Mia  (KOIVISTOLAISET)  {Finnish}    ab  
42Mamma Mia  (KRISTINA (SINGER))  {Finnish}    ab  
43Waterloo  (Reijo LEHTOVIRTA)  {Finnish}    ab  
44Kuin Unta Vain  (Satu PENTIKÄINEN)  {Finnish}    ab  
45Kiitos Musiikista  (SUPER SINGERS)  {Finnish}    ab  
46Mamma Mia  (SUPER SINGERS)  {Finnish}    ab  
47Fernando  (Marco VEGA)  {Instrumental}    ab  
48Dancing Queen  (DJ HITMIX)  {Live}    ab  
49The Winner Takes It All  {Balearic Mix}    ab  
50Medley ABBA  (GRUPO DE CORDAS+Amadeu MAGALHĂES)    ab  
51The Winner Takes It All  (Pastor SOLITARIO)  {Instrumental}    ab  
52Fernando  (PRECIOUS LOUNGE EXPRESS)  {Alcazar Chill Mix}    ab  
53The Winner Takes It All  (WILDSIDE)  {Fitness Version}    ab  
57Does Your Mother Know  (ORCHESTRA JACK HARKINS)  {German}    ab  
58Fernando  (ORCHESTRA JOHN CLINTON)  {Instrumental}    ab  
59Fernando  (ORCHESTRA RUDI BOHN)  {Instrumental}    ab  
65The Winner Takes It All  (Samantha FOX)    ab  
73S.O.S.  (DISCO FEVER)    ab 3.17
74Waterloo  (RUBY BROTHERS)    ab 2.40
75Thank ABBA For The Music  {Wow! Karaoke To Your Favorite Hits}    ab  
76Chiquitita  {Made famous by ABBA}    ab  
77Dancing Queen  {Made famous by ABBA}    ab  
78Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  {Club Remix}    ab  
79Thank You For The Music  {Swedish Idol}    ab  
80The Way Old Friends Do  {Irish Showbands}    ab  
81Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (ALLSTARS)  {Retro Edition}    ab  
82I Have A Dream  (ANTONY VENTURA ORKESTER)  {Instrumental}    ab  
83Lay All Your Love On Me  (BALLROOM DANCE ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    ab  
84Does Your Mother Know  (BOOGLE KARAOKE)  {Karaoke}    ab  
85Super Trouper  (BRIGHOUSE BAND+RASTICK BAND)  {Instrumental}    ab  
86The Winner Takes It All  (BRIGHOUSE BAND+RASTICK BAND)  {Instrumental}    ab  
87Take A Chance On Me  (BRIGHOUSE BAND+RASTICK BAND)  {Instrumental}    ab  
88The Way Old Friends Do  (BYRON LEE & THE DRAGONNAIRE)  {Instrumental}    ab  
89Dancing Queen  (Barna SYNGER)    ab  
90Super Trouper  (CAMERA OBSCURA)    ab  
91Mamma Mia  (COUNT DEE'S HIT EXPLOSION)    ab  
92Dancing Queen  (DAVID & THE HIGH SPIRIT)    ab  
93Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (DISCO FACTORY)    ab  
94Money, Money, Money  (DISCO HEROES)    ab  
95Dancing Queen  (DIW)    ab  
96Lay All Your Love On Me  (DJ REMIX FACTORY)    ab  
97The Winner Takes It All  (DJ REMIX FACTORY)    ab  
98Knowing Me, Knowing You  (DOC KARAOKE ENSEMBLE)  {Karaoke}    ab  
99The Winner Takes It All  (DOC KARAOKE ENSEMBLE)    ab  
 Mamma Mia  (DOC MAF ENSEMBLE)  {Karaoke}    ab
1Mamma Mia  (DRESSED IN WHITE)    ab  
2I Have A Dream  (Dinu RADU)  {Instrumental Pan Flute}    ab  
3Chiquitita  (Domi De ÁNGELES)  {Instrumental Guitarra Flamenca}    ab  
4The Winner Takes It All  (EDEN)    ab  
5The Winner Takes It All  (EIGHT GROUP)    ab  
10Dancing Queen  (COUNT DEE'S HIT EXPLOSION)    ab  
11Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (GENERATION DJ)    ab  
13Chiquitita  (GUYAPI)  {Instrumental Magic Panlute}    ab  
14Dancing Queen  (DANCE HEAVEN)  {Karaoke}    ab  
15Chiquitita  (Horst WENDE)  {Dance Medleys}    ab  
16Does Your Mother Know  (Horst WENDE)    ab  
17Dancing Queen  (DISCO MASTERS)    ab  
18Chiquitita  (INCA SON)  {Instrumental}    ab  
19The Day Before You Came  (INSTRUMENTAL PANPIPE BAND)  {Instrumental}    ab  
20Dancing Queen  (DJ REMIX FACTORY)  {Remix}    ab  
21Mamma Mia  (James LAST)  {Live Saving The Best To Last}    ab  
22Chiquitita  (John VAN DE VEN MARTY)  {Instrumental}    ab  
23Dancing Queen  (The HOLLYWOOD SESSION GROUP)    ab  
24Fernando  (The HOLLYWOOD SESSION GROUP)    ab  
25Super Trouper  (Johnny GUITAR KING)  {Instrumental Guitar}    ab  
26Dancing Queen  (KARAOKE JUKEBOX HEROES)  {Demonstration Version}    ab  
27Dancing Queen  (KARAOKE JUKEBOX HEROES)  {Karaoke}    ab  
28Chiquitita  (Jorge ZAPATA)  {Instrumental Piano}    ab  
29Dancing Queen  (KARAOKE KARAOKE-ERS)  {Karaoke}    ab  
30Thank ABBA For The Music  (KARAOKE CREW)  {Karaoke}    ab  
31Mamma Mia  (KARAOKE EXPERTS BAND)    ab  
32Waterloo  (KARAOKE EXPERTS BAND)    ab  
33Super Trouper  (KARAOKE KARAOKE-ERS)    ab  
34Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (Kevin BORG)  {Swedish Idol}    ab  
35ABBA Gold  (LA MAYORAL)  {Instrumental}    ab  
36Song For ABBA Tribute Record  (LET'S WRESTLE)    ab  
37Super Trouper  (LOLLIES)  {Live}    ab  
38Dancing Queen  (Larry HALL)  {Instrumental}    ab  
39ABBA Gold  (Los PITUCHOS)  {Instrumental}    ab  
40Happy New Year  (MAGICAL CHRISTMAS)  {Karaoke}    ab  
41Dancing Queen  (OMNIBUS MEDIA)  {Karaoke}    ab  
42Dancing Queen  (MAHARLIKA)    ab  
44Voulez-Vous  (Mika YOSHIDA)  {Instrumental}    ab  
45The Winner Takes It All  (MOONY)    ab  
46Thank ABBA For The Music  (MYSTIQUE)    ab  
47ABBA Forever  (Marc REIFT+MARC REIFT ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    ab  
48ABBA Golden Hits  (Marc REIFT+MARC REIFT ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    ab  
49Dancing Queen  (Martin LANE)    ab  
50Dancing Queen  (SING IT BACK)  {Instrumental Karaoke House Remix}    ab  
51Dancing Queen  (SLUMBER GIRLZ U ROCK)  {Karaoke}    ab  
52Dancing Queen  (STUDIO ENSEMBLE)    ab  
53Chiquitita  (OMNIBUS MEDIA KARAOKE TRACKS)  {Karaoke}    ab  
54Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (OVNI)    ab  
55Fernando  (PANPIPE ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental Panpipes}    ab  
56Dancing Queen  (The TEN TENORS)  {Live In Berlin}    ab  
57I Have A Dream  (PANPIPE ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental Panpipes}    ab  
58S.O.S.  (SLUMBER GIRLZ U ROCK)  {Karaoke}    ab  
59Waterloo  (Tiiu VARIK)  {Estonian}    ab  
60Mamma Mia  (STUDIO ARTIST)  {Karaoke}    ab  
61Mamma Mia  (JOE LOSS & HIS ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    ab  
62Fernando  (The STREAPLERS)  {Instrumental}    ab  
63Thank ABBA For The Music  (STUDIO UNION)    ab  
66The ABBA Dance Mix  (VOULEZ-VOUS)    ab  
67Knowing Me, Knowing You  (Sara JONES)    ab  
68The Winner Takes It All  (Sara JONES)    ab  
69Money, Money, Money  (SLUMBER GIRLZ U ROCK)  {Karaoke}    ab  
70Thank You For The Music  (Stefan BORSCH)    ab  
71Take A Chance On Me  (SNACKS)    ab  
72Take A Chance On Me  (The TWANG)    ab  
73Take A Chance On Me  (SLUMBER GIRLZ U ROCK)  {Karaoke}    ab  
74Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (SLUMBER GIRLZ U ROCK)  {Karaoke}    ab  
75Summer Night City    ab  
76Summer Night City  (STUDIO ARTIST)  {Karaoke}    ab  
77Summer Night City  (SUMMER FANTASY BAND)    ab  
78Does Your Mother Know  (Slingsby HONETS)    ab  
79I Have A Dream  (PROSOUND KARAOKE BAND)  {Karaoke}    ab  
80I Have A Dream  (SAINT PHILIPS BOY'S CHOIR)    ab  
81I Have A Dream  (THORLEIFS)  {Instrumental}    ab  
82I Have A Dream  (Greg FRANCIS)    ab  
83Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (HIGHLIGHT KARAOKE)  {Karaoke}    ab  
84The Winner Takes It All  (COUNT DEE SILVER DISCO EXPLOSION)    ab  
86The Winner Takes It All  (The MAGIC TIME TRAVELERS)    ab  
87The Winner Takes It All  (QUEEN OF JAPAN)    ab  
88The Winner Takes It All  (William STAFFAN+OLSON TRIO)  {Instrumental Jazz Version}    ab  
89The Winner Takes It All  (Susan WONG)    ab  
90The Winner Takes It All  (Tor James FAULKNER)    ab  
91The Winner Takes It All  (TRANCING QUEEN)    ab  
92The Winner Takes It All  (WORKOUT HEROES)  {Instrumental As Made Famous By E-Rotic}    ab  
93The Winner Takes It All  (WORKOUT SOUNDTRACKS)  {As Made Famous By E-Rotic}    ab  
94The Winner Takes It All  (PURE PIANO RINGTONES)    ab  
95The Winner Takes It All  (The MUSICMAKERS)    ab  
96The Winner Takes It All  (ULTIMATE DANCE HITS)    ab
    Lay All Your Love On Me  (ULTIMATE DANCE HITS)    ab
98The Winner Takes It All  (K TEAM)  {Karaoke}    ab  
99Super Trouper  (SCOOP KARAOKE)  {Karaoke}    ab  
 Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (Carol Linnea JOHNSON)    ab
1The Visitors  (MONSTONE)    ab  
3The Day Before You Came  (RAY HAMILTON ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    ab  
4Dancing Queen  (WORKOUT HEROES)    ab  
5Dancing Queen  (CONNOR)    ab  
6Dancing Queen  (Gitano KING)  {Instrumental}    ab  
7Dancing Queen  (The VERSIONARYS)  {Instrumental Accordian}    ab  
8Dancing Queen  (The VERSIONARYS)  {Instrumental Piano}    ab  
9Dancing Queen  (WE JUST WANNA PARTY)  {Karaoke}    ab  
10Dancing Queen  (HIGHLIGHT KARAOKE)  {Karaoke}    ab  
11Dancing Queen  (JUKEBOX HEAVEN)  {Karaoke}    ab  
12Waterloo  (KARAOKE KARAOKE-ERS)  {Karaoke}    ab  
13ABBA Golden Hits  (WIND ORCHESTRA PHILHARMONIC)  {Instrumental}    ab  
15Thank ABBA For The Music  (STEPPIN' OUT)    ab  
16Thank ABBA For The Music  (STUDIO GROUP)    ab  
17Ring Ring  (MARIONETZ)    ab  
18Dancing Queen  (NORWEGIAN BIG BAND)  {Instrumental}    ab  
19Dancing Queen  (POP FEAST)    ab  
20Fernando  {Instrumental Saxo Exitos Instrumentales}    ab  
21Knowing Me, Knowing You  {Baladas Romanticas}    ab  
22Money, Money, Money  (Teresa CARPIO)    ab  
23Chiquitita  {Instrumental The Spanish Guitar}    ab  
24Chiquitita  {Instrumental Latin Guitar Guitarras Mágicas}    ab  
25Does Your Mother Know  (Koreen PERRY)    ab  
26I Have A Dream  {Instrumental Romantic Harp}    ab  
27I Have A Dream  {ACE Karaoke Pop Hits}    ab  
28Lay All Your Love On Me  {ACE Karaoke Pop Hits}    ab  
29The Winner Takes It All  {Avid Karaoke}    ab  
30The Winner Takes It All  {Instrumental Guitar Melody Rock & Pop}    ab  
31The Winner Takes It All  {Stingray Music Karaoke}    ab  
32Dancing Queen  (The POMMODORS)    ab  
33Dancing Queen  {The 70'S Band Collection}    ab  
34Dancing Queen  (Ania STEPNIEWSKA)    ab  
35Dancing Queen  (Cheryn LYN)    ab  
36Dancing Queen  (Elisa CRUZ)    ab  
37Dancing Queen  (Jill JACKSON)    ab  
38Dancing Queen  (Ken HARDLEY)    ab  
39Dancing Queen  (LAAKSO)    ab  
46Take A Chance On Me  (OTHER GUYS)    ab 3.22
47Take A Chance On Me  (The GAMITS)    ab 4.15
48Chiquitita  (GRUPO UNICA EDICION)  {Spanish}    ab  
49Chiquitita  (Juan-Carlos OCHOA+LA BANDOTA DE GUANAJUATO)  {Spanish}    ab  
50Chiquitita  (Los ARRALLANES DEL PUEBLO)  {Spanish}    ab  
51Chiquitita    ab  
52ˇDame! ˇDame! ˇDame! (Amor Esta Noche)  (LA FARAONA)  {Spanish}    ab  
53Dancing Queen  {Atelier Bossa-Conscious}    ab  
54Dancing Queen  (WORKOUT MUSIC)    ab  
55Der Sieger Hat Die Wahl  (Anna-Maria KAUFMANN)  {German}    ab  
56Der Sieger Hat Die Wahl  (Johannes KALPERS)  {German}    ab  
57Der Sieger Hat Die Wahl  (Angelika MILSTER)  {German}    ab  
58Does Your Mother Know  (Virginia HILL)    ab  
59Fernando  (The 101 STRINGS ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    na  
60Fernando  (BRONCE LATINO)  {Instrumental}    na  
61Fernando  (The CAT & OWL)  {Instrumental}    na  
62Fernando  (The TONY'S)  {Other Language}    na  
64Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (RETRO FIVE)    ab  
65ˇDame! ˇDame! ˇDame! (Amor Esta Noche)  (Pilar OCANTO)  {Spanish}    ab  
66Dancing Queen  (Clay K SLIDER)  {Instrumental}    ab  
67Dancing Queen  (FEUERBACH QUARTETT)  {Instrumental}    ab  
68Dancing Queen  (FLORIO CHILL PROJECT)  {Instrumental}    ab  
69Dancing Queen  (SCANDIK)    ab  
70Dancing Queen  (SONIA)    ab  
71Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (Darius CARTIER+Anitha REKU)  {Other Language}    ab  
72Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (STRING DEMONS)  {Instrumental}    ab  
73Happy New Year  (Molly BURCH)    ab  
75Happy New Year  (SASHA)    ab  
76Happy New Year  (Sebastian LIGHTFOOT)  {Instrumental}    ab  
77Happy New Year  (STARLITE ENSEMBLE)    ab  
78Happy New Year  (VOSTOK BAND)    ab  
79Hasta Mańana  (DRENGENE)  {Instrumental}    ab  
80I Have A Dream  (Eva ADAMS)    ab  
81I Have A Dream  (François COUTURE+Sylvain NEAULT+Sophie Marie MARTEL)  {Instrumental}    ab  
82Lay All Your Love On Me  (ELOQUENT)    ab  
83Mamma Mia  (7TH AVE)    ab  
84Mamma Mia  (SCANDIK)    ab  
85Mamma Mia  (VOCALDENTE)    ab  
86Money, Money, Money  (Bernardo LAFONTE)  {Instrumental}    ab  
87Money, Money, Money  (JM-W)  {Instrumental}    ab  
88Money, Money, Money  (Christian REINDL)    ab  
89My Love, My Life  (JM-W)  {Instrumental}    ab  
90Nina, Pretty Ballerina  {Neisha, Shefali, Vivek, Teran, Nalini, Noel, Rohm}    ab  
91Nur Sieger Steh'N Im Licht  (SCHLAGERPALAST ENSEMBLE)  {German}    ab  
93S.O.S.  (PSYCHOPUNCH)    ab  
94S.O.S.  (The COMETS)    ab  
96S.O.S.  (Kaoru SAKUMA)  {Instrumental}    ab  
97Super Trouper  (PANIK BROTHERS)    ab  
98Take A Chance On Me  (CHATEAU POP)    ab  
99Take A Chance On Me  (Julie GAULKE)    ab  
 Take A Chance On Me  (STOCKHOLM HONEY)    ab
1Take A Chance On Me  (The BREARLEY B-NATURALS)    ab  
2Thank You For The Music  (AF7)    ab  
3Thank You For The Music  (BOSOM BELLES)    ab  
4Thank You For The Music  (Colin THACKERY)    ab  
5Thank You For The Music  (GRACE)    ab  
6Thank You For The Music  (NO STRINGS ATTACHED)    ab  
7Thank You For The Music  (HARMONIC BRASS)  {Instrumental}    ab  
8Thank You For The Music  (JM-W)  {Instrumental}    ab  
9The Winner Takes It All  (Biliczki LÁSZLÓ)    ab  
10The Winner Takes It All  (Eiro NARETH)  {Instrumental}    ab  
11The Winner Takes It All  (MY FIRST MUSIC)  {Instrumental}    ab  
12The Winner Takes It All  (JM-W)  {Instrumental}    ab  
13The Winner Takes It All  (The CHILL-OUT ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    ab  
14Va Todo Al Ganador  (Senza CATENE)  {Spanish}    ab  
15Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (DJ HITS)    ab  
16When I Kissed The Teacher  (DO EUN PARK)    ab  
17Why Did It Have To Be Me?  (Gunnar SANDEVÄRN)  {Instrumental}    ab  
18Chiquitita  (Bernardo LAFONTE)  {Instrumental}    ab  
19Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (GAMPER & DADONI)    ab  
20Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (ZACHARY)    ab  

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