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Authorized ABBA Compilations of the group ABBA


Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek

16 ABBA Hits
_Various LP 1976
20 Supercharged Hits _Various LP 2001 21 Grandes Exitos _Various LP 2001
25 Jaar Na Waterloo
_Various CD 1999

25 Jaar Popmuziek (The Best Of ABBA)
_Various CD 2001
25 Jahre Popmuzik (The Best Of ABBA) _Various LP 2001
40/40 The Best Selection
_Various CD 2014

A Collection Of Hits
_Various LP 1982

A Van ABBA, Hun Grootste Hits Van Waterloo...
_Various LP 1981

A Wie ABBA, Die Grössten Erfolge Von...
_Various LP 1981

ABBA & Arrival Box Set
_Various CD 2007

ABBA & Arrival Box Set (Version 2)
_Various CD 2009
ABBA (Australia Compilation K7) _Various K7 1976 ABBA (Promo LP) _Various LP 1978
_Various CD 2010

_Various CD 1998

ABBA Collection (Box) The
_Various CD 1986

_Various CD 2010
ABBA In Their Very Own Words _Various 7" 1988 ABBA Story (Double CD) The _Various CD 1991

ABBA Story (French Edition)
_Various CD 2004

ABBA The Collection
_Various CD 1999

ABBA The Interview
_Various CD 1999

ABBA Vinyl Box Set
_Various LP 2010
ABBA'S Greatest Hits _Various LP 1976
_Various LP 1979

Absolute ABBA (Compilation)
_Various CD 1988

Absolute ABBA Interview
_Various CDS 2000

Album/Voulez-Vous The
_Various CD 2007

All About ABBA/Mamma Mia
_Various LP 1976
Aniversario Los 10 Años De ABBA _Various LP 1981
Antología -30 Aniversario La
_Various CD 2004

Arrival & Ring Ring
_Various CD 1996
Arrival / The Album (CD Russia) _Various CD 1990
Before ABBA
_Various CD 2013

Best 1200
_Various CD 2005
Best Collection Of World Popular Music _Various LP 1985
Best Of ABBA (2005)
_Various CD 2005

Best Of ABBA (Germany) The
_Various LP 1975
Best Selection _Various CD 1977

Beste Van ABBA Het
_Various CD 2004
Big Artist Album _Various CD 1977 Björn, Benny, Agnetha & Frida _Various LP 1974
Cassette D'Or La
_Various K7 1976

_Various CD 2006

Collected (Netherlands Edition)
_Various CD 2011
Collection (Double LP) The _Various LP 1987
Collection (CD) The
_Various CD 1988
Collection (K7) _Various K7 1988
Collection Volume 2 The
_Various LP 1987
Collector'S Series The _Various CD 2001
Complete Gold Collection The
_Various CD 2000
Complete Singles Collection (7'') The _Various 7" 1984
Complete Singles Collection (Double CD) The
_Various CD 1999
Dancing Queen (Japan Compilation) _Various CD 1988
Dancing Special
_Various LP 1982
Das Portrait _Various LP 1981
Dez Anos
_Various CD 1981

Die Audiostory
_Various CD 2012
Die Grossen Erfolge _Various K7 2002
Die Story -That'S ABBA Vol. 1 _Various CD 2002 Die Story -That'S ABBA Vol. 2 _Various CD 2002 Die Story -The Chart Hits Vol. 1 _Various CD 2002 Die Story -The Lovesongs _Various CD 2002

Diez Años De ABBA Los
_Various LP 1981

Disco Special-1
_Various LP 1982

Disco Special-2
_Various LP 1982
El Gran Show _Various LP 1978

Exhibition 1999 - 2002
_Various CDS 1999

Exitos Eternos
_Various CD 2005

From ABBA With Love
_Various CD 1984

Gold 35th Anniversary
_Various CD 2005

Gold Medley From Spain (7'')
_Various 7" 1992

Golden Ballads
_Various CD 1992

Golden Double Album
_Various CD 1976
Golden Hits _Various K7 1977
Golden Stars -ABBA _Various CD 1980
Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
_Various CD 1991

Grandes Exitos
_Various LP 1976

Grandes Exitos De ABBA (LP Peru) Los
_Various LP 1980

Grandes Exitos, Vol 2
_Various LP 1979

Greatest Hits 24
_Various LP 1977

Greatest Hits Reader Digest
_Various CD 2008

Greatest Megamix The
_Various 12" 2006

Guld Hits
_Various K7 1988

Hits The
_Various CD 1987

Hits 1974-1978 The
_Various LP 2014

Hits 1979-1983 The
_Various LP 2014

Hits II The
_Various CD 1988
Hits! Hits! Hits! _Various LP 1984
Honey, Honey (LP)
_Various LP 1974

_Various LP 1983

I Successi
_Various CD 2007

Inga Theme (CD Germany)
_Various CD 1992

_Various CD 1982

Interview Disc
_Various CDS 1996
Itunes -The Essentials _Various CD 2005
Kisses Of Fire (Flexidisc Ussr)
_Various LP 1979
Knowing Me, Knowing You Und Weitere Single-Hits _Various K7 1979
Love Songs
_Various CD 1989

Love Songs, A Very Special Collection
_Various LP 1984

Love Sounds Special
_Various LP 1982
Magic Of ABBA (Australia) The _Various CD 1982 Mamma Mia (LP Compilation) _Various LP 1975
Master Series 1996 _Various CD 1996
Millenium Edition
_Various CD 2000
Money, Money, Money (K7) _Various K7 1988
Movie (Double LP) The
_Various LP 1978

Music Heritage
_Various CD 2003

Music Still Goes On The
_Various CD 1996
Must Of ABBA The _Various LP 1982
Name Of The Game (Compilation) The
_Various CD 2002

No 1 De ABBA Les
_Various CD 2009

Nostra Storia -20 Grandi Successi La
_Various CD 2005
On And On _Various CD 2002 Originals The _Various CD 2000

Os Grandes Sucessos De ABBA (LP)
_Various LP 1982

Por Siempre... ABBA
_Various LP 1982

På Svenska
_Various CD 1994

Ring Ring (Compilation)
_Various CD 1999

Ring Ring/Waterloo
_Various CD 2007

Rock On Breakout Years
_Various CD 2005

S.O.S. (The Best Of ABBA)
_Various CD 2001
Showcase _Various LP 1979
Single Hits _Various CD 2002
Sname Of The Game (Compilation)
_Various CD 2010
Song Book (K7) _Various K7 1979 Song Book 2, 1973-1982 _Various K7 1982
Songbook Australian Chart Hits The _Various CD 1990 Stars & Schlager ABBA (Die Grossen Erfolge) _Various K7 1981
Story Of ABBA The
_Various LP 1984
Summer Gold _Various CD 1988

Super Stars ABBA
_Various CD 2007

Super Trouper/The Visitors
_Various CD 2007

Take A Chance On Me (Compilation)
_Various CD 2006

Thank You For The Music (Flexidisc Ussr)
_Various LP 1978

Thank You For The Music (LP)
_Various LP 1983

_Various CD 2004

Traskofolket (Ep)
_Various 12" 1982

Ultimate Collection The
_Various CD 2004

Very Best -Star Gallery The
_Various CD 2004
Very Best Of ABBA (Reader'S Digest) The _Various CD 1989 Voces Legendarias _Various CD 2001 Voulez-Vous (Compilation K7) _Various K7 1980

Winner Takes It All (K7 Compilation) The
_Various K7 1988

DVD & Videos

Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek

1977-1987 The 10th Anniversary Special
_Various Video 1987

A Video Biography -ABBA Best Music
_Various DVD 2002

ABBA 16 Hits
_Various DVD 2006
ABBA Again _Various Video 1983

ABBA Anthology (DVD)
_Various DVD 2017

ABBA En Concierto
_Various DVD 2012

ABBA Live Presentations
_Various DVD 2011

_Various DVD 2011

ABBA Live TV Platinum Edition
_Various DVD 2011

ABBA Melodic Masterpieces
_Various DVD 2013

ABBA Music Masters Collection
_Various DVD 2010
ABBA Music Show _Various Video 1981

ABBA Platinum Deluxe DVD
_Various DVD 2011
ABBA Special In Japan _Various VCD 1998
ABBA Thank You For The Music (DVD 2008)
_Various DVD 2008

ABBA Thank You For The Music (Special Edition DVD)
_Various DVD 2011

ABBA The Live History
_Various DVD 2012

ABBA Uncut
_Various DVD 2013

ABBA You Can Dance
_Various DVD 2011

All Time Greatest Hits
_Various DVD 2007

Bravo Legenden ABBA
_Various DVD 2018

Dancing Queen Collection The
_Various DVD 2008

Dancing Queen Interviews
_Various DVD 2007

Definitive ABBA The
_Various DVD 2010

Definitive Guide 2004
_Various DVD 2004

Den Ultimata Överblicken
_Various DVD 2006
Essential Stockholm _Various DVD 2007
Gold (Slide Pack DVD)
_Various DVD 2006

Gold 35th Anniversary (DVD)
_Various DVD 2005

Gold Singles The
_Various DVD 2006

Gold The Live Story
_Various DVD 2012

Golden Greats: ABBA I Have A Dream
_Various DVD 2011

Golden Years The
_Various DVD 2007

Greatest Hits And Story (DVD Korea)
_Various DVD 2002

In Performance
_Various DVD 2006

_Various DVD 2002

Maestros From The Vault ABBA The Ultimate Collecti
_Various DVD 2012

Mamma Mia! The Movie Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! More Gif
_Various DVD 2009

Melodic Master Pieces
_Various DVD 2013

Music Box Biographical Collection
_Various DVD 2006

Music In Review
_Various DVD 2005

Music Masters Collection
_Various DVD 2011

Music Milestones ABBA The Visitors
_Various DVD 2011

Music Shows 1
_Various Video 1980

Music Shows 2
_Various Video 1980

_Various DVD 2006

Pravdivý Príbeh ABBA
_Various DVD 2011

Rock Case Studies
_Various DVD 2007

Studio 2 -Live In Poland
_Various DVD 2013
Superstar Karaoke Series _Various DVD 2002
Thank You ABBA
_Various VCD 1994

Thank You For The Music (DVD Argentina)
_Various DVD 2011

Thank You For The Music (DVD Brazil)
_Various DVD 2010

Ultimate Review The
_Various DVD 2006

Video Biography (Vcd) The
_Various VCD 1984

Video Biography Karaoke
_Various DVD 2010

Videobiography (Video) The
_Various Video 1984

Visitors DVD The
_Various DVD 2007

Waterloo The True Story Of ABBA
_Various DVD 2009

World'S Greatest Albums -ABBA/Arrival The
_Various DVD 2007


Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek

ABBA L'Album-Souvenir D'Un Groupe Mythique
_Various Book 2011

ABBA Stockholm Map
_Various Book 2011

Others Albums & Singles

Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek
2011 ABBA (LP Reissue 2011) _Various LPSinger
2009 ABBA Gold - 33 1/2 _Various CDSinger
2018 ABBA Mania _Various CDSinger
1992 ABBA Medley _Various 7"Singer
2008 Album (LP Reissue 2008) The _Various LPSinger
2011 Album (LP Reissue 2011) The _Various LPSinger
1980 Andante, Andante (7'') _Various 7"Singer
1979 Angeleyes (7'') _Various 7"Singer
1973 Another Town, Another Train (7'' Malaysia) _Various 7"Singer
1973 Another Town, Another Train (7'') _Various 7"Singer
2011 Arrival (LP Reissue 2011) _Various LPSinger
1979 As Good As New (7'') _Various 7"Singer
1975 Bang-A-Boomerang (7'') _Various 7"Singer
2011 Bright Lights Dark Shadows (Audio Book) _Various CDSinger
1984 Cassandra (7'') _Various 7"Singer
2014 Classic Collection The _Various CDSinger
2010 Collection 2000 _Various CDSinger
1976 Dancing Queen (7'' Malaysia) _Various 7"Singer
1976 Dancing Queen (LP East Germany) _Various LPSinger
2016 Dmc Classic Mixes I Love ABBA Volume 1 _Various CDSinger
1994 Dream World (CDs) _Various CDSSinger
1977 Dum Dum Diddle (7'' Argentina) _Various 7"Singer
1980 Elaine _Various 7"Singer
2004 Gold (Greatest Hits CD Sampler) _Various CDSinger
2019 Gold (Sound & Vision) _Various CDSinger
1980 Gracias Por La Música (7'') _Various 7"Singer
2002 Grandes Éxitos (Venezuela) _Various CDSinger
1982 Greatest Hits (7'' Uk) _Various 7"Singer
1974 Hasta Mañana (7'' Italy) _Various 7"Singer
1974 Hasta Mañana (7'' South Africa) _Various 7"Singer
1973 I Am Just A Girl (7'') _Various 7"Singer
1977 I'M A Marionette _Various 7"Singer
1974 I'Ve Been Waiting For You (7'') _Various 7"Singer
1980 Lay All Your Love On Me (12'') _Various 12"Singer
1984 Love Songs (Germany Club Edition) _Various LPSinger
1978 Move On (7'') _Various 7"Singer
1973 Nina, Pretty Ballerina (7'' France) _Various 7"Singer
1980 On And On And On (7'') _Various 7"Singer
1990 One Man, One Woman (CDs) _Various 12"Singer
1980 Our Last Summer (7'') _Various 7"Singer
1981 Piper (7'' Poland Flexi-Disc) The _Various 7"Singer
1996 Put On Your White Sombrero (CDs) _Various CDSSinger
1982 Quartet (7'') _Various 7"Singer
1976 Ring Ring (7'' Malaysia) _Various 7"Singer
2011 Ring Ring (LP Reissue 2011) _Various LPSinger
1973 Rock 'N Roll Band (7'') _Various 7"Singer
1974 Rock Me _Various 7"Singer
1982 Se Me Esta Escapando (7'' Argentina) _Various 7"Singer
1984 Should I Laugh Or Cry (7'' Canada Promo) _Various 7"Singer
1981 Slipping Through My Fingers (7'' Japan) _Various 7"Singer
1978 Summernight City (7'' Malaysia) _Various 7"Singer
2011 Super Trouper (LP Reissue 2011) _Various LPSinger
1980 Thank You For The Music (7'' Argentina) _Various 7"Singer
1977 That'S Me (7'') _Various 7"Singer
1977 Tiger _Various 7"Singer
1981 Visitors (7'' Malaysia) The _Various 7"Singer
1982 Visitors (7'') The _Various 7"Singer
2011 Visitors (LP Reissue 2011) The _Various LPSinger
1979 Voulez-Vous (12'') _Various 12"Singer
2011 Voulez-Vous (LP Reissue 2011) _Various LPSinger
1974 Waterloo (7'' Malaysia) _Various 7"Singer
2011 Waterloo (LP Reissue 2011) _Various LPSinger
2003 Way Old Friends Do The _Various CDSSinger
1981 When All Is Said And Done (7'') _Various 7"Singer
2010 X4 ABBA _Various CDSinger

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