datABBAse - CD

_Various - Hits On Medley

Release Date: 1993
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Compilation
Catalogue Number: 199452
Language: English


_ABBA (Tribute)Singer
Oliver MusicHouse Label


1Wonder Songs  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Superstition  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Don'T You Worry  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Master Blaster  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Isn'T She Lovely  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Free  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Happy Birthday  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
2Beatles Rock Songs  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Good Day Sunshine  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Hits on Medley}    fr
    Eight Days A Week  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Strawberry Fields Forever  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Hits on Medley}    tk
    Eleanor Rigby  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Hey Jude  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Get Back  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Hits on Medley}    he
    Back In The U.S.S.R.  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Hits on Medley}    fr
    Lady Madonna  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Help !  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Yesterday  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Let It Be  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Sergent Pepper'S Lonely Hearts Club Band  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Come Together  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Hits on Medley}    af
    Paperback Writer  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Hello, Goodbye  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    I Saw Her Standing There  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
3Beatles Slow Songs  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    And I Love Her  (_INCONNU)  {Medley}
    Carry That Weight  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Dear Prudence  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Don'T Let Me Down  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    The Fool On The Hill  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    For No One  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Girl  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Golden Slumbers  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Here, There And Everywhere  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    I'M Only Sleeping  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    If I Fell  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Julia  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Let It Be  (_INCONNU)  {Reprise Hits on Medley}
    The Long And Winding Road  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Hits on Medley}    fr
    Michelle  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Norwegian Wood  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Hits on Medley}    tk
    She'S Leaving Home  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Hits on Medley}    tk
    With A Little Help From My Friends  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
    Yesterday  (_INCONNU)  {Reprise Hits on Medley}
    Do You Want To Know A Secret  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley}
4Shaft  (_INCONNU)  {Hits on Medley} 4.45
5Hits On Medley ABBA Songs  {Hits on Medley}    ab
    Money, Money, Money  {Hits on Medley}    ab
    Fernando  {Hits on Medley}    ab
    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  {Hits on Medley}    ab
    Ring Ring  {Hits on Medley}    ab
    S.O.S.  {Hits on Medley}    ab
    Voulez-Vous  {Hits on Medley}    ab
    Under Attack  {Hits on Medley}    ab
    Super Trouper  {Hits on Medley}    ab
    Money, Money, Money  {Hits on Medley Reprise}    ab
    Waterloo  {Hits on Medley}    ab
6Classical Groove  (_INCONNU)  {Instrumental Hits on Medley}
    Symphonie No 5  (_INCONNU)  {Instrumental Hits on Medley}
    Rondo  (_INCONNU)  {Instrumental Hits on Medley}
    A La Turka  (_INCONNU)  {Instrumental Hits on Medley}
    Concerto  (_INCONNU)  {Instrumental Hits on Medley}
    Sabre Dance  (_INCONNU)  {Instrumental Hits on Medley}
7Papa Was A Rolling Stone  (_INCONNU)  {Instrumental Hits on Medley} 4.30

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