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Swedish group featuring. Peter Grönvall, Nanne Grönvall, Maria Rådsten, Therese Löf.

Officials Albums

Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek

CD 1992

1Highland    on 5.22
2Calming Rain    on 4.15
3No One Else Like You    on 4.04
4Turn Out The Light    on 4.34
5No Romance    on 4.33
6Ghostwarning    on 0.46
7Here Comes The Ghost    on 4.08
8Don'T Believe Them    on 4.28
9Tonight    on 4.13
10Vitality    on 4.47
11I'Ll You Wonders    on 4.12
12Autumn Hymn    on 1.09


One More Time
CD 1994

1Symphony Of Doom    on 5.56
2Get Out    on 3.42
3The Dolphin    on 4.10
4Anguish Kept In Secrecy    on 3.24
5Song Of Fête    on 4.31
6Time    on 3.40
7Moments Of Passion    on 4.15
8Dazzle Light    sm 6.15
9Chance Of A Lifetime    on 3.46
10Fairy Tale    on 3.52


Den Vilda
CD 1996

1Den Vilda    on 3.06
2Kvarnen    on 3.20
3Skuggan Bakom Dig    on 4.13
4De Oskattbara    on 5.20
5Labyrinten    on 5.23
6Vintergatan    on 2.59
7Råttfångaren    on 1.19
8Hela Täcket För Mig Själv    on 3.30
9Huset    on 5.08
10Vägskälet    on 2.41
11Den Vilda -Forsen Om Våren  {Instrumental}    on 3.35


Living In A Dream
CD 1997

1Living In A Dream    on 3.22
2The Wilderness Mistress    on 3.06
3Putting On The Charm    on 3.20
4You Will Never Be Alone    on 4.13
5Invaluable    on 5.20
6The Maze    on 5.23
7Milky Way    on 2.59
8The Whole Quilt All To Myself    on 3.30
9The Pied Piper    on 1.19
10Crossroads    on 2.41
11Rapids In Springtime    on 3.35


Officials Single

Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek

Highland (Single)
CDS 1992

Turn Out The Light
CDS 1992

No One Else Like You
CDS 1993

Dolphin The
CDS 1994

Get Out (On The Floor)
CDS 1994

Song Of Fête
CDS 1994

Den Vilda (CD Single)
CDS 1996

CDS 1996

Living In A Dream (CD Single)
CDS 1996

Wilderness Mistress The
CDS 1996
Skuggan Bakom Dig CDS 1997 


Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek

Best Of One More Time The
CD 2002

Others Albums & Singles

Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek
1992 Calming Rain / No Romance CDSSinger
2002 Singles Of One More Time And Nanne The CDSinger


Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

A Life To Live 2005Singer
Anguish Kept In Secrecy 1994Singer
Autumn Hymn 1992Singer
Calming Rain 1992Singer
Chance Of A Lifetime 1994Singer
Crossroads 1997Singer
Dazzle Light 1994Singer
De Oskattbara 1996Singer
Den Vilda 1996Singer
Den Vilda -Forsen Om Våren 1996Singer
Don'T Believe Them 1992Singer
Fairy Tale 1994Singer
Get Out 1994Singer
Ghostwarning 1992Singer
Hela Täcket För Mig Själv 1996Singer
Here Comes The Ghost 1992Singer
Highland 1992Singer
Huset 1996Singer
I'Ll You Wonders 1992Singer
Invaluable 1997Singer
Kvarnen 1996Singer
Labyrinten 1996Singer
Living In A Dream 1996Singer
Milky Way 1997Singer
Moments Of Passion 1994Singer
No One Else Like You 1992Singer
No Romance 1992Singer
Putting On The Charm 1997Singer
Rapids In Springtime 1997Singer
Råttfångaren 1996Singer
Skuggan Bakom Dig 1996Singer
Song Of Fête 1994Singer
Symphony Of Doom 1994Singer
The Dolphin 1994Singer
The Maze 1997Singer
The Pied Piper 1997Singer
The Seven Seas 1994Singer
The Whole Quilt All To Myself 1997Singer
The Wilderness Mistress 1996Singer
Time 1994Singer
Tonight 1992Singer
Turn Out The Light 1992Singer
Vintergatan 1996Singer
Vitality 1992Singer
Vägskälet 1996Singer
You Will Never Be Alone 1997Singer

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