datABBAse - CD

One More Time - Best Of One More Time The

Release Date: 2002
Support: CD (I Seek)
Production: Compilation
Language: English


One More TimeSinger


1Highland    on 5.22
2Calming Rain    on 4.15
3Turn Out The Light    on 4.34
4Song Of Fête    on 4.31
5The Dolphin    on 4.10
6Here Comes The Ghost    on 4.08
7Anguish Kept In Secrecy    on 3.24
8Don'T Believe Them    on 4.28
9Dazzle Light    sm 6.15
10Moments Of Passion    on 4.15
11Get Out    on 3.42
12Chance Of A Lifetime    on 3.46

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