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Blue Swede+Björn Skifs - Hooked On A Feeling - 40th Anniversary Collection

Release Date: 2014
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official Compilation
Language: English


Blue SwedeSinger
Björn SkifsSinger
Parlophone MusicHouse Label
Warner MusicHouse Label


1Hooked On A Feeling  (Björn SKIFS)  {Edit}    af 2.52
2Half-Breed  (Björn SKIFS)    af 2.51
3I Didn'T Sing In The New York Subway  (Björn SKIFS+BLÅBLUS)    af 3.07
4Break The Spell  (Björn SKIFS)    af 3.35
5A Song For You  (Björn SKIFS)    af 3.54
6Never My Love  (Björn SKIFS)    af 2.29
7Don'T Be Fooled By The Name  (Björn SKIFS+BLÅBLUS)    af 3.52
8Hush/I´M Alive!  (Björn SKIFS)    af 3.28
9Straight Back To You  (Björn SKIFS+Jessica FOLCKER)    af 4.19
10Firefly  (Björn SKIFS)    af 3.35
11Silly Milly  (Björn SKIFS)  {Swedish}    af 2.55
12Working In The Coalmine  (Björn SKIFS)    af 2.34
13Out Of The Blue  (Björn SKIFS+BLÅBLUS)    af 4.00
14New York City Is Waiting  (Björn SKIFS)    af 3.02
15I Could Never Leave You  (Björn SKIFS)    af 6.49
16Pinewood Rally  (Björn SKIFS)    af 2.55
17Chevrolet  (Björn SKIFS)    af 2.37
18Destiny  (Björn SKIFS)    af 2.32
19Fixing A Broken Heart  (Björn SKIFS)    af 3.41
20Let Music Live  (Björn SKIFS)    af 3.45

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