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Never My Love

Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek
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Björn Skifs 001
Never My Love


1973 Pinewood Rally Björn Skifs+Blåblus CD2.31
1974 Hooked On A Feeling CD2.31
1977 Basta (1977 Version) LP2.31
1991 Songs For You CD2.31
1995 Samtliga Hits CD2.31
1997 50/50 CD2.31
2002 Härligt Härligt De Bästa 1972-2001 CD2.31
2004 Skifs Hits CD2.31
2012 36 Bästa CD2.31
2014 Hooked On A Feeling - 40th Anniversary Collection Blue Swede+Björn Skifs CD2.29
2017 Bästa Nu Och Dâ CD2.31

Blue Swede 002
Never My Love


2016 Schlagerkungens Kris _Compilations Suédoises CD

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