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The Hep Stars - 1964-69 !

Release Date: 1983
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Official Compilation
Catalogue Number: 475-031-2
Language: English


The Hep StarsSinger
OlgaHouse Label


1Kana Kapila  {Swedish}    he 1.40
2A Tribute To Buddy Holly    he 2.50
3Bird Dog    he 1.51
4If You Need Me    he 2.20
5Farmer John    he 1.52
6Donna    he 2.50
7Cadillac    he 2.38
8Bald Headed Woman    he 2.07
9No Response    be 1.35
10So Mystifying    he 2.47
11Young And Beautiful    he 2.30
12Should I    he 2.56
13Sunny Girl    ho 2.20
14Wedding    be 2.57
15When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again    he 2.45
16I Natt Jag Drömde  {Swedish}    he 2.18
17Consolation    be 3.25
18Don'T    he 3.05
19No Time    ho 2.43
20Isn'T It Easy To Say    bb 2.55
21Malaika    he 2.46
22It'S Nice To Be Back    fr 2.33
23Christmas On My Mind    he 1.57
24Mot Okänt Land  {Swedish}    he 3.01
25She Will Love You    be 2.40
26Let It Be Me    he 2.54
27Tända På Varann  {Swedish}    he 2.31
28Holiday For Clowns    he 2.15
29Speleman  {Swedish}    bb 3.49
30Speedy Gonzalez    he 2.26

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