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ABBA - ABBA On Olivia!

Release Date: 02/09/2009
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English
Version: Live


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer


1Grow Young  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN)  {Live Olivia!}  
2The Days Of The Old Schoolyard  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN+Andy GIBB+ABBA)  {Live Olivia!}    ab  
3If You Love Me Let Me Know  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN+ABBA+Andy GIBB)  {Live Olivia}    ab 0.29
4Dancing Queen  {Live Olivia}    ab 1.34
5Fernando  {Live Olivia}    ab 1.23
7I Just Want To Be Your Everything  (Andy GIBB+ABBA)  {Live Olivia!}    ab 1.01
8Have You Never Been Mellow  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN+ABBA+Andy GIBB)  {Live Olivia!}    ab 3.28
9Please Mr Please  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN+ABBA+Andy GIBB)  {Live Olivia!}    ab 0.31
10Take A Chance On Me  {Live Olivia}    ab 2.08
12Thicker Than Water  (Andy GIBB)  {Live Olivia}  
13Shadow Dancing  (Andy GIBB)  {Live Olivia!}  
15Hopelessly Devoted To You  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN)  {Live Olivia!}  
17If You Love Me Let Me Know  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN+Andy GIBB)  {Live Olivia! (Reprise)}    ab 0.46
18Money, Money, Money  {Edit Olivia!}    ab  
19It'S A Game (Of Life)  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN)  {Live Olivia!}    ab  
20It'S A Game (Of Life)  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN+ABBA)  {Live Olivia! Part 2}    ab  
21It'S A Game (Of Life)  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN+ABBA)  {Live Olivia! Part 3}    ab  
22It'S A Game (Of Life)  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN+James CLEVELAND)  {Live Olivia! Part 4}    ab  
23Love Everybody In My Heart  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN+James CLEVELAND)  {Live Olivia}  
24Jam Session  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN+ABBA+Andy GIBB)  {Live}    ab 3.52
25What'Ll I Do? -Who?  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN)  {Live Olivia}  
26Just The Way You Are  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN)  {Live}  
27Who Are You Now ?  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN)  {Live Olivia!}  
28The End Of The Show  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN)  {Live Olivia}    ab  
29Thank You For The Music  (Olivia NEWTON-JOHN+ABBA)  {Live Olivia!}    ab 1.29

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