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Difficult And Dangerous Times Chess+Idina Menzel+David Bedella+Clarke Peters 2008Singer
Endgame Chess+David Bedella+Adam Pascal+Idina Menzel 2008Singer
Florence And Molokov Chess+Idina Menzel+David Bedella 2008Singer
Molokov And Anatoly Chess+David Bedella+Josh Groban 2008Singer
Quartet Chess+David Bedella+Idina Menzel+Marti Pellow+Josh Groban 2008 {(A Model Of Decorum And Tranquility)}Singer
The Deal Chess+Marti Pellow+David Bedella+Kerry Ellis+Clarke Peters+Idina Menzel+Adam Pascal+Josh Groban 2008 {(No Deal)}Singer
The Soviet Machine Chess+David Bedella 2008Singer

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