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Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek

The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber (Volume Three)
CD 2012

1Phantom Of The Opera
2Here'S The Buzz
3All I Ask Of You    ar
4Angel Of Music
5Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
7What'S The Buzz    ag
8Everything'S Alright    ag
9Pilot'S Dream
10I Don'T Know How To Love Him    ag
11Blood Money
12King Herod'S Song
13Jesus Christ Superstar    aa
14The Crucifixion
15Could We Start Again Please?



Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek

CD 2001

Unmasked The Platinum Collection
CD 2018

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Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

All I Ask Of You Sarah Brightman+Cliff Richard 1989Autor
All I Ask Of Your Per Nielsen 1992Autor
Alles Is Nu Veilig _Various 2005Autor
Allt Vad Jag Begär Loa Falkman 1990Autor
Allting Ska Bli Bra Gunilla Backman+Jonas Eskilsson 2010Autor
Allting Skall Bli Bra Frida 1971Autor
Che Si Dice, Che Strano Mistificare _Various 2008Autor
De Tempel _Various 2005Autor
Dinos Lo Que Va A Pasar Camilo Sesto+Angela Carrasco 1988Autor
Don'T Cry For Me Argentina Olivia Newton-John 1977Autor
El Fantasma De La Ópera Katrina Maier 2012Autor
El Templo Camilo Sesto 1988Autor
Es Más Que Amor Angela Carrasco 1988Autor
Eu Não Sei Como Amá-Lo Negra Li 2015Autor
Everything'S Alright Yvonne Elliman+Carl Anderson+Ted Neeley 1970Autor
Fantasma De La Opera Daniel Diges+Ruth Lorenzo 2015Autor
Gethsemane Carl Anderson 1973Autor
Gethsemani _Various 1973Autor
Getsemani Camilo Sesto 1988Autor
Hoe Moet Ik Van Hem Houden _Various 2005Autor
I Don'T Know How To Love Him Yvonne Elliman 1971Autor
I Getsemane Arne Jansson 1995Autor
I Templet Agnetha Fältskog 1972Autor
Il Tempio _Various 1965Autor
Jesucristo Superstar Operacion Triunfo 2005Autor
Jesus Christ Superstar Roger Pontare 1985Autor
Jesus Christ Superstar Mix Agnetha & Frida 2016Autor
Jesus-Christ Superstar Medley Agnetha & Frida 2013Autor
Kom Op Nou _Various 2005Autor
La Chanson D'Evita Jean-Michel De France 1977Autor
La Chanson De Marie Madeleine Petula Clark 2000Autor
Le Temple _Various 1973Autor
Maria Madalena _Various 2008Autor
Medley Allting Ska Bli Bra & Vad Gör Jag Med Min Kärlek Frida 1971Autor
Music Of The Night Sarah Brightman 1986Autor
Negaciones De Pedro Guillermo Anton+Angela Carrasco 1988Autor
Neplac Pro Mne, Argentino Helena Vondrackova 2012Autor
No Llores For Mí Argentina Idaira 2005Autor
No Llores Por Mi, Argentina Nacha Guevara 1977Autor
No Se Como Amarle Jeane Manson 1977Autor
No Sé Cómo Quererle Lorena Calero 2007Autor
Non So Che Amore Sia _Various 2008Autor
Nu Skall Du Bli Stilla Agnetha Fältskog 1972Autor
Peter'S Denial Yvonne Elliman 1973Autor
Petrus Förnekar Jesus Agnetha Fältskog 1973Autor
Pie Jesu Sarah Brightman+Paul Miles-Kingston 1985Autor
Superstar Carl Anderson 1973Autor
Superstar Playout _Various 2004Autor
The Music Of The Night Sarah Brightman 1992Autor
The Phantom Of The Opera Raymond Lefevre And His Orchestra 1988Autor
The Temple Carl Anderson 1973Autor
Todo Esta Bien Lorena Calero 2007Autor
Todo Estará En Paz Angela Carrasco+Camilo Sesto+Teddy Bautista 1988Autor
Tout Ira Bien Anne-Marie David 1973Autor
Tutto Va Bene _Various 2008Autor
Vad Gör Jag Med Min Kärlek Frida 1971Autor
Vad Star Pa Bruno Wintzel+Agnetha Fältskog 1973Autor
Vart Skall Min Kärlek Föra? Agnetha Fältskog 1972Autor
Wein' Nicht Um Mich, Argentinien Angelika Milster 1985Autor
What'S The Buzz Ted Neeley+Yvonne Elliman 1973Autor
Whats The Buzz ,Strange Thing, Mystifying _Various 1996Autor
Wie Soll Ich Ihn Nur Lieben Angelika Milster 1985Autor
Yo No Se Como Amarle Paloma San Basilio 2008Autor

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