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Plays The Best Of ABBA Instrumental Versions
CD 1974

1Cecilia    bs 4.21
2So Long    ab 3.40
3I Am Just A Girl    ab 3.06
4Hasta Maņana    ab 3.13
5I'Ve Been Waiting For You    ab 3.35
6Ring Ring    ab 2.43
7Honey, Honey    ab 3.38
8To Live With You    bb 3.57
9Waterloo    ab 3.17
10Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)    ab 3.19
11Better To Have Loved    bs 3.18
12What About Livingstone?    ab 3.06


Arthur Greenslade Plays ABBA'S Greatest Hits
CD 1977

1Fernando    ab  
2S.O.S.    ab  
3My Love, My Life    ab  
4Dancing Queen    ab  
5Hasta Maņana    ab 3.13
6Mamma Mia    ab  
7Money, Money, Money    ab  
8Knowing Me, Knowing You    ab  
9I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do    ab  
10Honey, Honey    ab 3.38
11When I Kissed The Teacher    ab  
12Waterloo    ab 3.17



Legend for the Songs
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Better To Have Loved 1974Singer
Cecilia 1971Singer
Dance 1974 {(While The Music Still Goes On)}Singer
Dancing Queen 1977Singer
Fernando 1977Singer
Hasta Maņana 1974Singer
Honey, Honey 1974Singer
I Am Just A Girl 1974Singer
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 1977Singer
I'Ve Been Waiting For You 1974Singer
Knowing Me, Knowing You 1977Singer
Mamma Mia 1977Singer
Money, Money, Money 1977Singer
My Love, My Life 1977Singer
Ring Ring 1974Singer
S.O.S. 1977Singer
So Long 1974Singer
To Live With You 1974Singer
Waterloo 1974Singer
What About Livingstone? 1974Singer
When I Kissed The Teacher 1977Singer

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Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

Blæst, Sol Og Saltvand Birgitte Grimstad 1973Orchester
Visen Om Atten Svaner Birgitte Grimstad 1973Orchester

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