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Carl Magnus PALM

Swedish writer. Wrote the acclaimed books ABBA The Complete Recording Sessions 1994, ABBA Människorna och musiken 1996, Från ABBA till Mamma Mia!/From ABBA To Mamma Mia! 1999/2000, Bright Lights, Dark Shadows: The Real Story of ABBA 2001/2018/2014, ABBA the Complete Guide to their Music 2005, ABBA - The Story 2008. plus booklet notes for Thank You For The Music box set 1994, Agnetha and Frida compilations 1996 - 1997, many ABBA and related CDs and DVDs released since 1999, B & B concerts programme 1999, and biographer/news editor for ABBA | The official site.

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Complete Recording Sessions
ABBA (Books) Book 1994

Thank You For The Music (CD Box)
ABBA CD 1994

Från ABBA Till Mamma Mia!
ABBA (Books) Book 1999

Bright Lights, Dark Shadows
ABBA (Books) Book 2001

Licht Und Schatten ABBA Die Wahre Geschichte
ABBA (Books) Book 2003

Cadillac Madness (Book)
ABBA (Books) Book 2004

Complete Guide To Their Music The
ABBA (Books) Book 2005

Story Und Songs Kompakt
ABBA (Books) Book 2007

Bright Lights Dark Shadows (2008 Version)
ABBA (Books) Book 2008

ABBA Historien Om Supergruppen
ABBA (Books) Book 2008

ABBA The Story
ABBA (Books) Book 2008

ABBA (Palm 2009)
ABBA (Books) Book 2009

Bright Lights Dark Shadows (Ebook)
ABBA (Books) Book 2009

ABBA Príbeh Superskupiny
ABBA (Books) Book 2009

Bright Light Shadow (Russian Version)
ABBA (Books) Book 2009
ABBA 50 Songs And Pictures ABBA (Books) Book 2011

ABBA (Books) Book 2011

ABBA Verdens Største Popeventyr 2011
ABBA (Books) Book 2011

Licht Und Schatten ABBA Die Wahre Geschichte 2011
ABBA (Books) Book 2011

ABBA A Legenda
ABBA (Books) Book 2013

ABBA Historia Supergrupy
ABBA (Books) Book 2013

ABBA The Backstage Stories
ABBA (Books) Book 2014

ABBA The Backstage Stories (Italian)
ABBA (Books) Book 2014

ABBA A Biografiia
ABBA (Books) Book 2014

ABBA The Backstage Stories (Revised)
ABBA (Books) Book 2018

ABBA History Legends
ABBA (Books) Book 2018

ABBA On Record
ABBA (Books) Book 2020


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