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Anders ELJAS

Swedish musician - keyboards, string and horn arranger 1977 - 1981. Played keyboards on recording sessions late 1979, LP Chess 1984, Tour of Europe and Australia 1977, Tour of North America and Europe 1979, Tour of Japan 1980, Dick Cavett Meets ABBA TV special 1981. Wrote string arrangements for LP Voulez-Vous 1979, musicals Chess 1984, Kristina från Duvemåla 1995, B & B concerts 1998.

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Mio In The Land Of Faraway
_Various+Anders Eljas CD 1988

1Mio Overture  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ar 3.18
2Kite-Flying  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ar 1.29
3Aunt Edna'S Waitinat Home  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ar 0.45
4Bosse Runs Away  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ar 4.39
5The Journey To The Land Of Faraway  (_ABBA (RELATED))    be 6.02
6The Shepherd'S Flute  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Part 1}    be 0.31
7Kato'S Icy Wind  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ar 2.14
8The Bridge Of The Morning Light  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ar 1.50
9The Land Outside  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ar 1.55
10Miriamis Is Captured  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ar 2.00
11The Hunt For Mio And Jum-Jum  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ar 1.41
12The Shepherd'S Flute  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Part 2}    be 0.45
13The Sword  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ar 1.02
14Inside Kato'S Castle  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ar 5.05
15Prisoners Of Kato  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ar 0.40
16To The Dungeon  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ar 1.32
17Return Of The Sword  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ar 0.39
18The Final Battle  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ar 5.40
19The Reunion  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ar 1.46
20Mio Min Mio  (GEMINI)  {Swedish}    be 3.55


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An Evening In Paris
Claes Af Geijerstam 7" 1979

Arbiter The
Chess 7" 1985

Julen Är Här
Tommy Körberg CD 1989

Kristina Från Duvemåla
Kristina Musical CD 1995

Live In Symphony
Helene Bøksle+Espen Grjotheim CDS 2019


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Herdens Flojt 2011Singer
Intermezzo No. 1 Anders Eljas+Goteborgs Symfoniker 2002Singer
When The Waves Roll Out To Sea Benny Andersson+Anders Eljas 1982Singer

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Summer Theme Björn & Benny+Anders Eljas 1975Singer

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Angeleyes ABBA 1978Arrangement
Astronaut Adolphson & Falk 1981Musician
Aterföreningen _Various 1987Autor
Aunt Edna'S Waitinat Home _Various 1988Autor
Bosse Runs Away _Various 1988Autor
Bosse Rymmer _Various 1987Autor
Butterfly Wings Anne-Sofie Von Otter 2006Arrangement
Drakflygningen _Various 1987Autor
Før Ham Heim Helene Bøksle+Espen Grjotheim 2019Autor
Gje Meg Handa Di, Ven Helene Bøksle+Espen Grjotheim 2019Orchester Chief
Guldet Blev Til Sand Helene Bøksle+Espen Grjotheim 2019Orchester Chief
Heaven Help My Heart Anne-Sofie Von Otter 2006Arrangement
Heimo Og Nykkjen Helene Bøksle+Espen Grjotheim 2019Orchester Chief
Hemma Vantar Tant Edla _Various 1987Autor
I Let The Music Speak Anne-Sofie Von Otter 2006Arrangement
If It Wasn'T For The Nights ABBA 1978Arrangement
Inside Kato'S Castle _Various 1988Autor
Jakten Pa Mio Och Jum-Jum _Various 1987Autor
Kato'S Icy Wind _Various 1988Autor
Katos Vind _Various 1987Autor
Kite-Flying _Various 1988Autor
Klinga Mina Klockor Benny Andersson 1987Orchester Chief
Landet Utanför _Various 1987Autor
Ljusa Kvällar Om Våren Anne-Sofie Von Otter 2006Arrangement
Mio Overture _Various 1987Autor
Miramis Tillfangatas _Various 1987Autor
Miriamis Is Captured _Various 1988Autor
Morgonljusets Bro _Various 1987Autor
Mot Fängelsehalan _Various 1987Autor
Mot Ridar Kato _Various 1987Autor
Pity The Child Helene Bøksle+Espen Grjotheim 2019Orchester Chief
Prisoners Of Kato _Various 1988Autor
Resan Till Landet I I Fjärran _Various 1987Autor
Return Of The Sword _Various 1988Autor
Sista Striden _Various 1987Autor
Spare Skrift I Sand Helene Bøksle+Espen Grjotheim 2019Orchester Chief
Svärdet _Various 1987Autor
Svärdet Tillbaka _Various 1987Autor
Thank You For The Music Anne-Sofie Von Otter 2006Arrangement
The Bridge Of The Morning Light _Various 1988Autor
The Final Battle _Various 1988Autor
The Hunt For Mio And Jum-Jum _Various 1988Autor
The Journey To The Land Of Faraway _Various 1988Autor
The King Has Lost His Crown ABBA 1978Arrangement
The Land Outside _Various 1988Autor
The Reunion _Various 1988Autor
The Sword _Various 1988Autor
The Winner Takes It All Anne-Sofie Von Otter 2006Arrangement
Tillfangatagna Hos Kato _Various 1987Autor
To The Dungeon _Various 1988Autor
Vilar Glad. I Din Famn Gustaf Sjökvists Kammarkör+Storkyrkans Kör+Orsa Spelmän+Benny Andersson 2010Arrangement

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