datABBAse - CD

Natali Noor - Written By Natali Noor

Release Date: 26/04/2022
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Compilation
Language: English


Natali NoorSinger / Autor


1Places We Don'T Know  (KASBO)    rm 3.24
2Lost And Found  (ERLANDO+Natali NOOR)    af 3.02
3Lightweight  (GALAVANT)    rm 3.02
4Bother Me  (JOHNNING)    rm 3.03
5Golden  (IZKO+JOHNNING)  {Swedish}    rm 2.16
6Utan Dig  (S LINUS)  {Swedish}  
7Who You Are  (MAYBON+Robin VANE)    rm 2.43
8Sundown  (EAUXMAR)    rm 2.58
9Juice  (N SIGNE)    rm 2.17
10Hatar Att Vara Kr  (HON)  {Swedish}    rm 3.12
11Praying  (Josh CHARM)    rm 2.57
12Moon    af 3.30
13Body In My Bed  (VRIT)    rm 3.23
14Odysseus  (Ulf LUNDELL)  {Swedish}  
15Feel So Good  (Josh CHARM)    rm 3.05
16Boiling  (KLAHR+GALAVANT+Natali NOOR)  {Boiling}    af 3.39
17Adios  (HIGH15)    rm 3.04
18Splash  (OLIVIO)    rm 3.27
19Sleepless  (Oscar STEMBRIDGE)    rm 2.40
20Queen  (JANICE+AMWIN+LASH+Sabina DDUMBA)  {Medsyster Version}    rm 3.42
21When We Were Kids  (HIGH15)    rm 3.10
22Stress No More  (VINIL+Natali NOOR)    af 3.12
23Red Lights  (LE BOEUF+Natali NOOR)    af 2.59
24Her Bed  (Vion KONGER+Nikki AMBERS)    rm 2.16
25Never Mind  (Natali NOOR+Elsa LEVAHN)    af 3.30
26Follow My Lead  (FRANKY)    rm 3.15
27Dance For Me  (Josh CHARM)    rm 3.14
28Our Girlfriend'S In The Bathroom, I'M Trying To Kiss You  (MAGS)  
29Winter Is Over  (Natali NOOR+XOV)  {Sar Oomad Zemestoon}    af 3.21
30Arcade Games  (SAGA BACK)  {Saga Backteman}    rm 3.08
31Avalanche  (KLP)    rm 3.08
32Cold Rush  (GOLDZBROUGH+BAHAREH)    rm 2.58
33Policeman    af 3.33

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