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_Various - Classical Covers Of Pop Music

Release Date: 11/10/2020
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Language: Instrumental


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1Someone You Loved  (Paula KIETE+Chris SNELLING)  {Arr. For Violin And Piano} 3.00
2Adore You  (Richie AIKMAN)  {Arr. For Guitar} 3.12
3Apologize  (Yann NYMAN)  {Arr. For Piano} 2.57
4Year 3000  (DJango WALLACE)  {Arr. For Guitar} 3.54
5Papa Don'T Preach  (Max ARNALD)  {Arr. For Piano} 3.53
6How Deep Is Your Love  (Chris MERCER)  {Arr. For Guitar} 2.15
7Girls Just Want To Have Fun  (Christopher SOMAS)  {Arr. For Piano} 3.10
8She'S Leaving Home  (Jonah PARIS+Chris SNELLING)  {Arr. For Saxophone And Piano}    tk 3.15
9Delilah  (Yann NYMAN)  {Arr. For Piano} 3.26
10Complicated  (Frank GREENWOOD)  {Arr. For Guitar} 4.29
11True  (Max ARNALD)  {Arr. For Piano} 4.32
12Be The One  (Richie AIKMAN)  {Arr. For Guitar} 3.47
13Believe  (Paula KIETE+Chris SNELLING)  {Arr. For Violin And Piano} 3.42
14I Have A Dream  (James SHANON)  {Arr. For Guitar}    ab 3.24

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