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_Compilations Anglaises - Remembering The 80s

Release Date: 14/12/2018
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Language: English
Version: Remix


_Compilations AnglaisesSinger
Sounds UnitedHouse Label


1Never Gonna Give You Up  (Jerome WALKER)  {Remix Radio Version} 3.22
2Ella, Elle L'A  (Thomas SCHEFFLER+MOSSY+Rachel MONTIEL)  {Remix Radio Version} 3.33
3I.O.U  (Nick AUSTIN)  {Remix Radio Version} 3.33
4Careless Whisper  (Jason PRINCE)  {Ian Turner Remix} 4.32
5Male Stripper  (MAN 2 MAN)  {David Strong & Sanfrandisko Remix Edit} 3.31
6Fade To Grey  (WINMAN)  {Remix Radio Version} 3.34
7Such A Shame  (Jason PARKER)  {Radio Edit} 3.28
8Don'T Look Any Further  (MOOMICOO+SELDA)  {Franco Maldini Remix Edit} 3.01
9Wicked Game  (Patricio AMC)  {Steve Cypress & Pit Bailay Remix Edit} 3.54
10Shoot Your Shot  (Adam HAYFORD)  {Remix Radio Version} 3.25
11Teardrops  (TBO & VEGA+ALEX)  {Remix Radio Version} 3.33
12Only You  (Jason PARKER)  {Calenzo Remix}    he 4.28
13Take On Me  (DJ TI-S+Jeff RYAN)  {Remix Radio Version} 4.04
14Wonderful Life  (Thomas SCHEFFLER+MOSSY)  {Edit Radio} 4.02
15Nightshift  (Jason PARKER)  {Remix Radio Version} 3.51
16Together In Electric Dreams  (Ross ALEXANDER)  {Starlab Radio Mix} 4.02
17Tainted Love  (SPEEDMASTER PROJECT)  {Radio Mix} 3.35
18Just Be Good To Me  (BOOTLEGGERS INT+LEXINE)  {Isoris & Mike B. Lancero Remix} 3.30
19Forever Young  (Elaine WINTER)  {Patricio Amc Remix} 3.54
20Love Can'T Turn Around  (DJM+Isaac ROOSEVELT)  {Steve Cypress & Pit Bailay Remix Edit} 3.44
21Living On Video  (ROTATION FIVE)  {Booty Mix} 4.05
22Sweet Dreams  (SANETY GROOVE)  {Radio Mix} 3.30
23Passion  (Chris OLDMAN)  {Jason Parker Remix Edit} 3.33
24Give Me The Night  (SHANE+Jasmine THOMAS)  {Radio Mix} 3.02
25Walking In Memphis  (ANADY+Andy ZTONED)  {Remix Radio Version} 3.56
26When Will I Be Famous  (LEOMEO)  {Edit Alex Taylor Radio} 4.01
27Love Town  (Jerome WALKER)  {Remix Radio Version} 3.32
28Tom'S Diner  (The BOOTY JOCKS)  {Club Mix} 5.23
29Brand New Lover  (Ross ALEXANDER)  {Edit Matt Pop Radio} 3.27
30Ding Dong Song  (Lola LEE)  {B T S Classic Disco Mix} 5.35
31Hit And Run Lovers  (Carol JIANI)  {Disco Deejays Club Mix} 5.55
32You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)  (ELECTRIC BABES)  {Remix} 3.20
33Celebration  (The BOOTY JOCKS)  {Remix} 5.10
34Street Life  (FLO4D+PLASCO)  {Margin Remix} 2.59
35Heaven  (GISELLE)  {Edit Tosch & Pit Bailay} 3.47
36Saint Elmo'S Fire  (Jason PARKER)  {Edit Radio} 3.48
37I Like Chopin  (Marc REASON)  {Radio Mix} 3.34
38Gonna Get Along Without You Now  (Wendy RIVERS)  {Remix Radio Version}    st 3.48
39The Safety Dance  (The BOOTY JOCKS)  {Club Mix} 5.04
40Children  (DREAMDANCER)  {Heaven Mix} 3.34
41I Have A Dream  (Patricio AMC)  {Remix Radio Version}    ab 2.40
42La Isla Bonita  (The BOOTY JOCKS)  {Damon Paul Club Mix} 4.33
43Maid Of Orleans  (TOSCH)  {Remix Radio Version} 3.47
44Hungry Like The Wolf  (NAXWELL)  {Jason Parker Club Mix Edit} 4.16
45Into The Groove  (The BOOTY JOCKS)  {Anthony Simons Remix Edit} 3.52
46Lady In Red  (The BOOTY JOCKS)  {Club Mix} 5.26
47Hymn  (FROZEN SKIES+Mark ENGELS)  {Remix Radio Version} 3.53
48All Night Long  (LEEMAR PROJECT)  {Remix Radio Version} 3.22
49Let The Music Play  (JAY JAY)  {Belmond & Parker Radio Remix} 3.49
50The Power Of Love  (DISCOTRONIX)  {Stereo Identity Remix} 6.26
51Discorrida  (PHATNOIZE)  {Royal Gigolos Remix} 3.22
52Bass (How Low Can You Go)  (Simon HARRIS)  {Old Skool House Mix 2k14} 3.49
53Leuchtturm  (Chris De SILVA+FELIX)  {DJ Ostkurve Remix} 4.07
54Do You Wanna Funk  (SIMMONS)  {Remix 2k11 Montezz Radio Version} 3.15
55Last Christmas  (Damon PAUL+Patricia BANKS)  {Edit Radio} 3.32

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