datABBAse - LP

Tina Arena - Tiny Tina & Little John

Release Date: 1977
Support: LP (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


Tina ArenaSinger


1Heartbeat  (Tina ARENA+John BOWLES)
    It'S A Lovebeat  (Tina ARENA+John BOWLES)
2When I Kissed The Teacher  (Tina ARENA+John BOWLES)    ab 2.55
3That'S Rock 'N' Roll  
4Jeans On  (John BOWLES)  
5Rock 'N' Roll Love Letter  (Tina ARENA+John BOWLES)  
6Ring Ring    ab 2.46
7Ma (He'S Making Eyes At Me)  
8Ben  (John BOWLES)  
9Anything You Can Do  (Tina ARENA+John BOWLES)  
10Da Doo Ron Ron    na  
11Over The Rainbow  
12Everybody Needs A Rainbow  (Tina ARENA+John BOWLES)
    Everything Is Beautiful  (Tina ARENA+John BOWLES)

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