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Robert Wells - Stadium Tour 2002 The

Release Date: 2002
Support: DVD (I Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


Robert WellsSinger


1Introduction Film Star Wells  {Video}
2Ouvertyr Games On Ice  {Swedish Video Live Television}
3Rhapsody In Rock  {Video Vi}
4I Bergakungens Sal  {Swedish Video}
5Mitt Namn Är Blom  {Swedish Video}
6Percy Nilegård Monologue  {Swedish Video}
7Roll Over Beethoven  {Video}
8All By Myself  {Video}
9Paganini Variations, No 18  {Video}
10I Can Jive  {Video}
11Mio Min Mio  {Swedish Video}    bb
12Latino-Medley  {Video}
    Concierto De Aranjuez  {Spanish Video Latino-Medley}
    Spain  {Spanish Video Latino-Medley}
    The Conga Dance  {Video Latino-Medley}
    With Me  {Video Latino-Medley}
    Adrenaline  {Video Latino-Medley}
13Intermission / Interview  {Swedish Video}
14Starlight Concerto  {Video}
15Crocodile Rock  {Video}
16Knock On Wood  {Video}
17Hard To Handle  {Video}
18Schindlers List  {Video}
19Rockabilly-Medley  {Video}
    The Joint Is Jumpin'  {Video Rockabilly-Medley}
    Almost Grown  {Video Rockabilly-Medley}
    Git It  {Video Rockabilly-Medley}
    Aint I'M A Dog  {Video Rockabilly-Medley}
20Moulin Rouge-Medley  {Video}
    Overture  {Video Moulin Rouge-Medley}
    Because We Can Sparkling  {Video Moulin Rouge-Medley}
    Diamonds  {Video Moulin Rouge-Medley}
    Your Song  {Video Moulin Rouge-Medley}
    Like A Virgin  {Video Moulin Rouge-Medley}
    Lady Marmalade  {Video Moulin Rouge-Medley}
    Come What May  {Video Moulin Rouge-Medley}
21Heaven´S On Fire  {Video}
22Rolling Stones-Medley  {Video}
    (I Can'T Get No) Satisfaction  {Video Rolling Stones-Medley}    fr
    Brown Sugar  {Video Rolling Stones-Medley}
    Beast Of Burden  {Video Rolling Stones-Medley}
    Miss You  {Video Rolling Stones-Medley}
    Angie  {Video Rolling Stones-Medley}
    Start Me Up  {Video Rolling Stones-Medley}
    Paint It Black  {Video Rolling Stones-Medley}
    Jumping Jack Flash  {Video Rolling Stones-Medley}

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