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_Various - ABBA Tribute Videography

Release Date: 12/2007
Support: DVD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Tribute)Singer
Thorsven RecordsHouse Label


1Ring Ring  (ABBAGOLD)  {Video}    ab
    When I Kissed The Teacher  (ABBAGOLD)  {Video Medley}    ab
    So Long  (ABBAGOLD)  {Video Medley}    ab
2As Good, As New  (ALCAZAR+Magnus CARLSSON)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 3.23
3What About Livingstone?  (ARRIVAL)  {Videoclip}    ab 2.29
4Mamma Mia  (A*TEENS)  {Videoclip}    ab 3.33
5Our Last Summer  (A*TEENS)  {Video Live In Malmo}    ab 3.49
6Waterloo  (BANANARAMA)  {Video A Song For Eurotrash}    ab 2.20
7The Day Before You Came  (BLANCMANGE)  {Videoclip}    ab 4.19
8Does Your Mother Know  (B*WITCHED)  {Video Live ABBAmania}    ab 3.10
9Under Attack  (Magnus CARLSSON)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 3.31
10Voulez-Vous  (CULTURE CLUB)  {Video Live ABBAmania}    ab 4.25
11Soldiers  (Barbara DICKSON)  {Video Live Television}    ab 4.00
12Honey, Honey  (ELDKVARN)  {Video Medley Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab
    Hasta Mañana  (ELDKVARN)  {Video Medley Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab
13Intermezzo No. 1  (Anders ELJAS)  {Instrumental Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 3.13
14Suzy-Hang-Around  (ELLA ROUGE)  {Video Live ABBAday}    ab 5.11
15Take A Chance On Me  (ERASURE)  {Video ABBA-Esque}    ab 3.47
16The Winner Takes It All  (E-ROTIC)  {Videoclip}    ab 4.36
17The Name Of The Game  (Jessica FOLCKER)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 5.50
18Fernando  (FRIENDS)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 4.43
19Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (Nina HAGEN)  {Video Live Die Jubilaümsshow}    ab 3.13
20Eagle  (Peter JÖBACK)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 4.57
21I Wonder (Departure)  (Liz MC CLARNON)  {Video}    ab
    I'M A Marionette  (Liz MC CLARNON)  {Video}    ab
22Money, Money, Money  (MADNESS)  {Video Live ABBAmania}    ab 3.18
23Hole In Your Soul  (MENDEZ)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 3.40
24Dancing Queen  (Kylie MINOGUE)  {Video Live And Intimate Tour}    ab 4.37
25My Love, My Life  (Charlotte PERRELLI)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 4.00
26Chiquitita  (Sinead O'CONNOR)  {Video Live Ben Elton Show}    ab 2.28
27Arrival  (Mike OLDFIELD+Anita HEGERLAND)  {Instrumental Video Live}    ab 2.56
28S.O.S.  (Trisha PENROSE)  {Video Live ABBAmania 2}    ab 2.56
29Knowing Me, Knowing You  (Wendy PETERS)  {Video Live ABBAmania 2}    ab 3.05
30Super Trouper  (Max RAABE)  {Video Live ABBAmania 2005}    ab 3.02
31Lay All Your Love On Me  (Cliff RICHARD)  {Video Live TV}    ab 4.27
32Summer Night City  (Mikael RICKFORS+The KITH+Mats RONANDER)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab
    On And On And On  (Mikael RICKFORS+The KITH+Mats RONANDER)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab
33Nina, Pretty Ballerina  (SAINT CLAIRSVILLE SINGERS)  {Video}    ab 1.53
34Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (STAR ACADEMY)  {Video Live Forest National}    ab 3.50
35Bang A Boomerang  (SVENNE & LOTTA)  {Video Live TV}    ab 1.39
36One Of Us  (US5)  {Video Live ABBA Mania}    ab 3.43
37Thank You For The Music  (Dionne WARWICK)  {Video Live 30th Anniversary Concert}    ab 4.14
38I Have A Dream  (WESTLIFE)  {Video Live ABBAmania}    ab 4.11
1ABBA Medley  (ABBAGOLD)  {Video}    ab 8.33
2Dancing Queen  (Belinda CARLISLE)  {Video Live ABBAmania 2005}    ab 3.34
3The Winner Takes It All  (Samantha FOX)  {Video Live ABBAmania 2005}    ab 3.14
4Thank ABBA For The Music  (STEPS+Tina COUSINS+CLEOPATRA+B*WITCHED+BILLIE)  {Video Britts Awards}    ab 4.10
5ABBA Medley  (Dana WINNER)  {Video Live}    ab 10.02
6Voulez-Vous  (Nils LANDGREN)  {Video Live Die Jubilaümsshow}    ab 3.01
7ABBA Medley  (Raffaella CARRÁ)  {Video Live}    ab 6.02
8S.O.S.  (Andy BELL)  {Video Live Die Show}    ab 3.22
9ABBA Medley  (Regine VELASQUEZ)  {Video}    ab 8.44
10Money, Money, Money  (BAO)  {Video Live Trettondags Balums Pa Berwaldjallen}    ab 3.10
11Oriental ABBA Medley  {Video Live Melodie Festival Final}    ab 7.33
12Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (Shana VANGUARDE)  {Video}    ab 3.24
13ABBA Medley  (STARS ON 45)  {Video}    ab 3.50
14Dancing Queen  (S CLUB 7)  {Video (Miami 7 - Episode 11)}    ab 2.04
15ABBA Medley  (Alan PARTRIDGE)  {Video}    ab 3.05
16Just Like That  (GEMINI)  {Official Video}    ab 3.28
17Funky Feet  (ALCAZAR)  {Video Live Die Jubilaümsshow}    ab 2.31
18Just A Notion  (ARRIVAL)  {Video Live Television}    ab 3.00
19Midnight Special  (Paul MC CARTNEY)  {Video Live Television}    ab 4.28
20ABBA Medley  (STAR ACADEMY+Lorie PESTER)  {Video Live Television}    ab 3.32
21Pupurri Musical ABBA  (OPERACION TRIUNFO)  {Video}    ab 5.54
22Gracias Por La Música  (Rosa LOPEZ+Nuria FERGÓ)  {Spanish Video Live Operación Triunfo}    ab 3.49
23Bij Mij  (ABBACADABRA MUSICAL+Bonnie SAINT CLAIRE+Benny NEYMAN)  {Dutch Video}    ad 2.50
24Zwoele Zommer  (Dana WINNER)  {Dutch Video}    ab 3.45
25Bravo Tu As Gagné  (Mireille MATHIEU)  {French Video Live Die Jubilaümsshow}    ab 4.27
26J'Aime  (Michèle TORR)  {French Video Live Meaux 2005}    ab 2.41
27Nur Sieger Steh'N Im Licht  (Marianne ROSENBERG)  {German Video Live Die Show}    ab 3.25
28Ich Leb' Im Traum  (Nana MOUSKOURI)  {German Video}    ab 4.21
29S.O.S.  (Maurizio CROZZA)  {Italians Video Crozza Italia}    ab 3.36
30Mamma Mia  (SYRIA+Maurizio CROZZA)  {Italians Video Crozza Italia}    ab 3.29
31Fernando  (Irene GRANDI+Maurizio CROZZA)  {Italians Video Crozza Italia}    ab 3.49
32Andante, Andante  (K & K SINGERS)  {Polish Video Live}    ab
    Happy New Year  (K & K SINGERS)  {Polish Video Live Television}    ab
33Bring Me Edelweiss  (EDELWEISS)  {Videoclip}    ab 3.45
34Hung Up  (MADONNA)  {Videoclip}    bb 5.25

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