datABBAse - CD

B&B - B&B Music Vol 4

Release Date: 2004
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Catalogue Number: 0004
Language: English


Björn & BennySinger


1Hasta Mañana  (ARMY OF LOVERS)    ab 3.15
2What About Livingstone?  (ARRIVAL)    ab 3.05
3I Know Him So Well  (Barbra STREISAND)  {From Chess (Album Session Outtake)}    ch 4.07
4Just Like That  (BJORN AGAIN)  {Live Wembley 94}    ab 3.46
5The Day Before You Came  (BLANCMANGE)    ab 5.52
6S.O.S.  (Les BLUE BELLES)  {Extended 12''}    ab 7.07
7ABBA Medley  (Charlotte PERRELLI)    ab  
8Soldiers  (Barbara DICKSON)    ab 4.43
9Rikky Rock'N'Roller  (Jerry WILLIAMS)    ab 2.39
10Knowing Me, Knowing You  (10H)    ab  
11Lay All Your Love On Me  (POISON NO 9)  {Remix High Energy}    ab  
12One Night In Bangkok  (Robey POWDERWORKS)  {7'' Radio Edit Version}    ch 3.46
13The Winner Takes It All  (Tommy KÖRBERG)  {Live B&B Concert}    ab 5.31
14Hunny Hunny  (Sofia TRETOW+MICHAEL)    ab 3.52
15Waterloo  (DOCTOR & THE MEDICS+Roy WOOD)    ab 3.32
16I Know Him So Well  (Cissy HOUSTON+Whitney HOUSTON)    ch 4.32

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