datABBAse - CD

ABBA - Opus 10 (Double CD)

Release Date: 1994
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Catalogue Number: [3fc2989] CDA-02
Language: English


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer


1Rock'N'Roll Band  (B&B)  {Early Japanese Version}    ab 3.07
2Love Has It'S Way  (B&B)    bb 2.38
3Åh, Vilka Tider  {Swedish}    ab 2.31
4Merry-Go-Round    ab 3.20
5Santa Rosa    ab 3.02
6Pick A Bale Of Cotton    ab  
7On Top Of Old Smokey  {Medley Remixée}    ab 1.11
8Midnight Special  {Medley Remixée}    ab 1.48
9Crazy World    ab 3.47
10Happy Hawaii    ab 4.22
11Fernando    ab 4.11
12Summer Night City  {Demo Introduction}    ab 0.44
13Summer Night City  {Edit Standard Version}    ab 3.34
14Lovelight  {Edit German Single}    ab 3.23
15Dream World    ab 3.35
16Voulez-Vous  {Extended U.S. Promo Mix}    ab 6.10
17Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)    ab 4.47
18Thank You For The Music  {Demo Doris Day Edit}    ab 4.03
19Under My Sun  {Live Part 1}    ab 1.34
20Under My Sun  {Live Part 2}    ab 3.08
21I'M Still Alive  {Live Paris (Tour 79-80)}    ab 3.36
1Put On Your White Sombrero    ab 4.26
2Elaine    ab 3.46
3Should I Laugh Or Cry    ab 4.29
4You Owe Me One    ab 3.22
5The Day Before You Came    ab 5.50
6I Am The City    ab 4.00
7Cassandra    ab 4.50
8Under Attack    ab 3.45
9Scaramouche  {Instrumental Undeleted Medley}    ab 0.48
10Summer Night City  {Demo Undeleted Medley}    ab 0.15
11Take A Chance On Me  {Instrumental Demo Undeleted Medley}    ab 1.52
12Baby  {Demo Undeleted Medley}    ab 1.06
13Just A Notion  {Undeleted Medley}    ab 1.53
14Rikky Rock'N'Roller  {Undeleted Medley}    ab 2.07
15Burning My Bridges  {Undeleted Medley}    ab 1.32
16Fernando  {Swedish Demo {Swedish Undeleted Medley 1975}}    ab 1.11
17Here Comes Rubie Jamie  {Undeleted Medley}    ab 0.34
18Hamlet III  {Instrumental Medley Undeleted Medley Part 1}    ab 1.09
19Hamlet III  {Medley Undeleted Medley Part 2}    ab 1.10
20Free As A Bumble Bee  {Undeleted Medley}    ab 1.38
21Rubber Ball Man  {Undeleted Medley}    ab 1.26
22Crying Over You  {Undeleted Medley}    ab 1.14
23Just Like That  {Undeleted Medley}    ab 2.00
24Givin' A Little Bit More  {Undeleted Medley}    ab 2.16
25Every Good Man  (Agnetha)  {Live}    ch 2.05
26Just Like That  {Edit Slow Version}    ab 4.38
27Nationalsång  {Instrumental Live Opus 10}    ab 3.25

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