datABBAse - CD

_Bootleg - Midnight Special The

Release Date: 1998
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Catalogue Number: HB-001
Language: English


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer


1Crazy World  (ABBA)    ab 3.48
2Dream World  (ABBA)    ab 3.36
3Put On Your White Sombrero  (ABBA)    ab 4.34
4Should I Laugh Or Cry  (ABBA)    ab 4.29
5Summer Night City  (ABBA)  {With Introduction Remastered 1994}    ab 4.12
6You Owe Me One  (ABBA)    ab 3.32
7Elaine  (ABBA)    ab 3.46
10Medley  (ABBA)  {Pick Bale Of Cotton & On Top Of Old Smokey & Midnight Special}    ab
    Pick A Bale Of Cotton  (ABBA)  {Medley Remixée}    ab
    On Top Of Old Smokey  (ABBA)  {Medley Remixée}    ab
    Midnight Special  (ABBA)  {Medley Remixée}    ab
11ABBA Undeleted  (ABBA)    ab
    Scaramouche  (ABBA)  {Instrumental Undeleted Medley}    ab
    Summer Night City  (ABBA)  {Demo Undeleted Medley}    ab
    Take A Chance On Me  (ABBA)  {Instrumental Demo Undeleted Medley}    ab
    Baby  (ABBA)  {Demo Undeleted Medley}    ab
    Just A Notion  (ABBA)  {Demo Undeleted Medley}    ab
    Rikky Rock'N'Roller  (ABBA)  {Demo Undeleted Medley}    ab
    Burning My Bridges  (ABBA)  {Demo Undeleted Medley}    ab
    Fernando  (ABBA)  {Swedish Demo Undeleted Medley}    ab
    Here Comes Rubie Jamie  (ABBA)  {Demo Undeleted Medley}    ab
    Hamlet III  (ABBA)  {Instrumental Part 1 Undeleted Medley}    ab
    Hamlet III  (ABBA)  {Part 2 Undeleted Medley}    ab
    Free As A Bumble Bee  (ABBA)  {Undeleted Medley}    ab
    Rubber Ball Man  (ABBA)  {Undeleted Medley}    ab
    Crying Over You  (ABBA)  {Undeleted Medley}    ab
    Just Like That  (ABBA)  {Undeleted Medley}    ab
    Givin' A Little Bit More  (ABBA)  {Undeleted Medley}    ab
    Givin' A Little Bit More  (ABBA)  {Undeleted Medley}    ab

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