datABBAse - CD

Stig - Pop Favoriter

Release Date: 1994
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Compilation
Catalogue Number: 523-496-2
Language: English


Stig AndersonSinger
Polar Music InternationalHouse Label


1The Heat Is On  (AGNETHA)    ag 3.50
2A Partsman Farm  (Janne LUCAS)    st 3.28
3Do You Want To Dance  (SVENNE & LOTTA)    sl 3.00
4Cadillac  (RENEGADES)    he 2.41
5My Whole World Is Falling Down  (Birgitta WOLLGÅRD)    af 2.31
6Not Bad At All  (Tomas LEDIN)  {Edit Pop Favoriter}    tl 3.43
7Shine  (FRIDA)    fr 4.39
8Satellit  (Ted GÄRDESTAD)  {Swedish Edit}    tg 4.06
9Baby Those Are The Rules  (HOOTENANNY SINGERS)    ho 2.40
10I Won'T Let You Go  (AGNETHA)    ag 3.39
11Lover Please  (Janne LUCAS)    st 2.18
12Medley  (ABBA)  {Pick Bale Of Cotton & On Top Of Old Smokey & Midnight Special}    ab
    Pick A Bale Of Cotton  (ABBA)  {Medley Remixée}    ab
    On Top Of Old Smokey  (ABBA)  {Medley Remixée}    ab
    Midnight Special  (ABBA)  {Medley Remixée}    ab
13I Know There'S Something Going On  (FRIDA)    fr 5.27
14Right Now  (Tomas LEDIN)    tl 3.29
15Like An Image Passing By  (ABBACADABRA MUSICAL+Elaine PAIGE)    ad 3.52
16She'S My Kind Of Girl  (B&B)    ab 2.45
17Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)  (SVENNE & LOTTA)    ab 3.23
18Never Again  (Tomas LEDIN+AGNETHA)    ag 3.53

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