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Mamma Mia - Mamma Mia! (Original London Cast)

Release Date: 17/10/1999
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Official
Catalogue Number: 543-115-2
Language: English


Mamma MiaSinger
Judy CramerAutor
Louise PlowrightActor
Simon SlaterActor
Amanda SalmonActor
Raza JaffreyActor
Lesley NicolActor
Louise GoldActor
Peter ForbesActor
Rohan TickellActor
Hayley TamaddonActor
Amanda HarrisonActor
Paul BasleighActor
Adam C. BoothActor
Andy CouchmanActor
PolydorHouse Label
Littlestar Services LimitedHouse Label


1Ouverture & Prologue  {Instrumental}    mm 2.56
2Honey, Honey  (MAMMA MIA+Lisa STOKKE+Eliza LUMLEY+Melissa GIBSON)    mm 2.02
3Money, Money, Money  (MAMMA MIA+Siobhan MCCARTHY+Louise PLOWRIGHT+Jenny GALLOWAY+Neal WRIGHT+The COMPANY)    mm 3.01
4Thank You For The Music  (MAMMA MIA+Lisa STOKKE+Paul CLARKSON+Hilton MCRAE+Nicolas COLICOS)    mm 3.03
5Mamma Mia  (MAMMA MIA+Siobhan MCCARTHY+The COMPANY+Hilton MCRAE)    mm 3.21
6Chiquitita  (MAMMA MIA+Louise PLOWRIGHT+Jenny GALLOWAY+Siobhan MCCARTHY)    mm 2.27
7Dancing Queen  (MAMMA MIA+Louise PLOWRIGHT+Jenny GALLOWAY+Siobhan MCCARTHY)  {Original Cast London}    mm 3.44
8Lay All Your Love On Me  (MAMMA MIA+Andrew LANGTREE+Lisa STOKKE)    mm 3.34
9Super Trouper  (MAMMA MIA+Siobhan MCCARTHY+Jenny GALLOWAY+Louise PLOWRIGHT)    mm 3.56
10Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (MAMMA MIA+Lisa STOKKE+Hilton MCRAE+Paul CLARKSON)    mm 3.34
11The Name Of The Game  (MAMMA MIA+Lisa STOKKE+Nicolas COLICOS)    mm 3.22
12Voulez-Vous  (MAMMA MIA+Lisa STOKKE+Hilton MCRAE)    mm 3.29
13Entr'Acte  {Instrumental}    mm 2.17
14Under Attack  (MAMMA MIA+Lisa STOKKE+The COMPANY)    mm 3.11
15One Of Us  (MAMMA MIA+Siobhan MCCARTHY)    mm 2.20
16S.O.S.  (MAMMA MIA+Hilton MCRAE+Siobhan MCCARTHY)    mm 2.44
17Does Your Mother Know  (MAMMA MIA+Louise PLOWRIGHT+Neal WRIGHT)    mm 3.21
18Knowing Me, Knowing You  (MAMMA MIA+Hilton MCRAE)  {Version 1999}    mm 2.42
19Our Last Summer  (MAMMA MIA+Paul CLARKSON)    mm 2.42
20Slipping Through My Fingers  (MAMMA MIA+Siobhan MCCARTHY+Lisa STOKKE)    mm 3.36
21The Winner Takes It All  (MAMMA MIA+Siobhan MCCARTHY)    mm 4.08
22Take A Chance On Me  (MAMMA MIA+Jenny GALLOWAY)    mm 3.33
23I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (MAMMA MIA+Hilton MCRAE)    mm 2.29
24I Have A Dream  (MAMMA MIA+Lisa STOKKE)  {Version 1999}    mm 2.58

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