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Tears In Heaven
CD 2010

1Imagine  (CHAKIRA) 3.58
2Love Mountain  (INDIANS) 5.40
3Ananau  (INDIANS) 5.11
4A´cha  (Mato GROSSO) 4.46
5Tears In Heaven    jn 4.26
6Wonderful Life 4.45
7The Winner Takes It All    ab 5.13
8Concierto De Aranjuez    af 4.34
9Feelings 3.12
10Promise Me  (ECLIPSE) 3.45
11Chiquitita  (ECLIPSE)  {Pan Flute}    ab 4.37
12Wonderful Tonight  (ECLIPSE) 3.44
13Sleepwalk  (ECLIPSE) 2.45
14Love Story  (NAZCA) 3.54
15Let It Be  (NAZCA) 3.24
16Pastoral  (NAZCA) 2.30
17Cosmic Love  (NAZCA)    fl 5.14



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Concierto De Aranjuez 2010Singer
Tears In Heaven 2010Singer
The Winner Takes It All 2010Singer

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