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Sweet Bossa
CD 2003

1Taxidriver  {English}
2The Only Thing That I Can About Is You  {English}
3Barfota I Graset  {English We Walked Barefoot}
4How Insensitive  {English}
5Vem Tanker Han Pa
7Världen Som Var Min    ln
8Som Vanligt
9Akta Dig!
10Triste  {Instrumental}


Another World
CD 2011

1Wuthering Heights
2My Heart And I
3I'M Coming Home Again
5Another World    be
6Heaven  (Myrra MALMBERG+Michael WEINIUS)
7My Love
8Kneeling I Stand Tallest  {Adagio For Strings}
9Like An Angel Passing Through My Room    ab
10Broken World
11I Only Know How To Love
12My Friend  (Myrra MALMBERG+Helen SJÖHOLM)    hs
13I Knew I Loved You



Legend for the Songs
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Another World 2011Singer
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room 2011Singer
My Friend Myrra Malmberg+Helen Sjöholm 2011Singer
My Friend & Peppar Och Salt Helen Sjöholm+Myrra Malmberg 2010Singer
Världen Som Var Min 2003Singer

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