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A Little Night Music
Stephen Sondheim+Glynis Jones+Len Cariou+Hermione Gingold LP 1973

1Overture  (Benjamin RAYSON+Teri RALSTON+Barbara LANG+Gene VARRONE+Beth FOWLER)
    Night Waltz  (Benjamin RAYSON+Teri RALSTON+Barbara LANG+Gene VARRONE+Beth FOWLER)  {Medley}
2Now  (Len CARIOU)  
3Later  (Mark LAMBERT)  
4Soon  (Victoria MALLORY+Mark LAMBERT+Len CARIOU)  
5The Glamorous Life  (Judy KAHAN+Glynis JONES+Hermione GINGOLD+Teri RALSTON+Beth FOWLER+Barbara LANG+Benjamin RAYSON+Gene VARRONE)  
6Remember?  (Benjamin RAYSON+Teri RALSTON+Beth FOWLER+Gene VARRONE+Barbara LANG)  
7You Must Meet My Wife  (Len CARIOU+Glynis JONES)  
8Liaisons  (Hermione GINGOLD)  
9In Praise Of Women  (Laurence GUITTARD)  
10Every Day A Little Death  (Patricia ELLIOTT+Victoria MALLORY)  
11A Weekend In The Country  (The COMPANY)  
12The Sun Won'T Set  (Barbara LANG+Beth FOWLER+Teri RALSTON+Benjamin RAYSON+Gene VARRONE)  
13It Would Have Been Wonderful  (Len CARIOU+Laurence GUITTARD)  
14Perpetual Anticipation  (Teri RALSTON+Beth FOWLER+Barbara LANG)  
15Send In The Clowns  (Glynis JONES)    fr 3.25
16The Miller'S Son  (D JAMIN-BARTLETT)  
17Finale  (Glynis JONES+Len CARIOU)
    Send In The Clowns  (Glynis JONES+Len CARIOU)  {Finale}    fr
    Night Waltz  (Glynis JONES+Len CARIOU)  {Finale}


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