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British singer, songwriter, drummer, member of group Genesis, solo artist. Produced Frida's LP Something Going On, sang duet 'Here We'll Stay' 1982.

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Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek

Face Value LP 1980

1I Missed Again  
2You Know What I Meen    fr  
3Thunder And Lightning  
4I'M Not Moving  
5If Leaving Me Is Easy  
6Tomorrow Never Knows  
7In The Air Tonight 5.32
8This Must Be Love  
9Behind The Lines  
10The Roof Is Baking  
12Hand In Hand  



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Here We'Ll Stay Frida+Phil Collins 2003Singer
You Know What I Meen 1980Singer

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Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

Accorde-Moi Ma Peine Philippe Elan 2000Autor
Strip Adam Ant 1983Producer
You Know What I Mean Frida 1982Autor

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