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Gabor Szabo In Stockholm
Gabor Szabo CD 1972

Pop Workshop Vol.1
Pop Workshop LP 1973

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24 Carat Gabor Szabo 1972Musician
3rd Meter Stroll Beverly Glen+Marie Bergman+Björn Jayson Lindh 1975Musician
Ah Q Björn Jayson Lindh 1978Autor
Anniversary March Björn Jayson Lindh 1976Musician
Another Dream Gabor Szabo 1972Musician
Bike Voyage II Björn Jayson Lindh 1978Musician
Billathi Askara Björn Jayson Lindh 1978Musician
Boathouse Club Björn Jayson Lindh 1978Musician
Colwyn Bay Björn Jayson Lindh 1978Musician
Concerto De Aranjuez Gabor Szabo 1972Musician
DJango Gabor Szabo 1972Musician
Equinox Pop Workshop 1973Musician
Equivalent In Nature Pop Workshop 1973Musician
First Tune In The Morning Gabor Szabo 1972Musician
Foothill Patrol Gabor Szabo 1972Musician
Hanging Loose Pop Workshop 1973Musician
Helicopter Music Björn Jayson Lindh 1978Musician
Honky Tonk Train Blues Björn Jayson Lindh 1974Musician
Hotel And Drumsticks Björn Jayson Lindh 1978Autor
House Of Lights Björn Jayson Lindh 1974Musician
Impressions Of My Country-Fothill P Gabor Szabo 1972Musician
Introduction Björn Jayson Lindh 1978Musician
Jayson'S Boogie Woogie Björn Jayson Lindh+Beverly Glen+Marie Bergman 1974Musician
Lilac-Glen Gabor Szabo 1972Musician
Loch Ensslin Björn Jayson Lindh 1978Autor
Mannheim Rocket Björn Jayson Lindh 1976Musician
Mizrab Gabor Szabo 1972Musician
My Kind Of People Gabor Szabo 1972Musician
People Gabor Szabo 1972Musician
Perfect Touchdown Pop Workshop 1973Musician
Perforated Mind Pop Workshop 1973Musician
Persian Supermarket Björn Jayson Lindh 1976Musician
Pivo Björn Jayson Lindh 1974Musician
Point Of Junction Pop Workshop 1973Musician
Raggie Björn Jayson Lindh 1976Musician
Second Carneval Björn Jayson Lindh 1974Musician
Second Line Strut Björn Jayson Lindh+Beverly Glen+Marie Bergman 1974Musician
Sentience Pop Workshop 1973Musician
Stephan'S Cake-Walk Björn Jayson Lindh+Marie Bergman 1974Musician
Stormy Gabor Szabo 1972Musician
The Last Pharoah Pop Workshop 1973Musician
The Pond Björn Jayson Lindh 1976Musician

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