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Bass guitar, string arrangements 1973 - 1982. Played on LPs Ring Ring, Waterloo, ABBA, Arrival, ABBA - The Album, Voulez-Vous, Super Trouper, The Visitors, 1982 sessions, Tour of Europe & Australia 1977, Tour of North America & Europe 1979, Tour of Japan 1980, Dick Cavett Meets ABBA TV special 1981, LP Chess 1984, Josefin Nilsson CD Shapes 1993, Mamma Mia! Swedish production 2005, movie soundtrack 2008. Produced Agnetha single 'It's So Nice To Be Rich' 1983. Also member of Nashville Train. Born 12 February 1946. Died 8 May 2015.

Officials Single

Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek

7" 1974

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Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek

Sound Of Pop
Moonlighters+Lasse Holm CD 1967

On The Right New Track
Moonlighters+Lasse Holm CD 1970

Ring Ring (International LP)
_Various LP 1973

Danspartaj 2
Moonlighters+Lasse Holm CD 1973

Ted Gärdestad CD 1973
Björn, Benny, Agnetha & Frida ABBA LP 1974
Honey, Honey (LP)
ABBA LP 1974

Säg Godmorgon
Moonlighters+Lasse Holm CD 1974

Waterloo (International LP)
_Various LP 1974
Mamma Mia (LP Compilation) ABBA LP 1975 S.O.S. (7'' Single Bootleg) Bootleg 7" 1975
Visst E' Det Skönt
Moonlighters+Lasse Holm CD 1975

_Various LP 1975

Anders Glenmark
Anders Glenmark LP 1975

Wasa CD 1975

16 ABBA Hits
ABBA LP 1976

ABBA Our Way
Nashville Train CD 1976
ABBA'S Greatest Hits ABBA LP 1976
Grandes Exitos
ABBA LP 1976

Very Best Of ABBA (Germany) The
ABBA LP 1976

Golden Double Album
ABBA CD 1976

Arrival (LP)
_Various LP 1976

Greatest Hits (International Version)
_Various CD 1976

Svenne & Lotta CD 1976
Best Selection ABBA CD 1977 Big Artist Album ABBA CD 1977 Golden Hits ABBA K7 1977
Album (LP) The
_Various LP 1977

El Gran Show
ABBA LP 1978

Sommaren Behöver Vi
Moonlighters+Lasse Holm CD 1978

Summer Night City (7'')
_Various 7" 1978

ABBA LP 1979
Song Book (K7) ABBA K7 1979
Voulez-Vous (LP)
_Various LP 1979

Greatest Hits Vol. 2
_Various CD 1979
Voulez-Vous (Compilation K7) ABBA K7 1980

Super Trouper (International LP)
_Various LP 1980

Det Är En Härlig Feeling
Svenne & Lotta CD 1980

A Van ABBA, Hun Grootste Hits Van Waterloo...
ABBA LP 1981

A Wie ABBA, Die Grössten Erfolge Von...
ABBA LP 1981
Das Portrait ABBA LP 1981
Dez Anos
ABBA CD 1981
Stars & Schlager ABBA (Die Grossen Erfolge) ABBA K7 1981
Visitors (International LP) The
_Various CD 1981

A Collection Of Hits
ABBA LP 1982
Greatest Hits (7'' Uk) ABBA 7" 1982
Must Of ABBA The
ABBA LP 1982

Os Grandes Sucessos De ABBA (LP)
ABBA LP 1982
Quartet (7'') ABBA 7" 1982 Song Book 2, 1973-1982 ABBA K7 1982
Tenn Dine Vakre Øyne
Finn Kalvik CD 1982

Dancing Special
ABBA LP 1982

Disco Special-1
ABBA LP 1982

Disco Special-2
ABBA LP 1982

Love Sounds Special
ABBA LP 1982

Thank You For The Music (LP)
ABBA LP 1983
Best Collection Of World Popular Music ABBA LP 1985
Eyes Of A Woman
Agnetha CD 1985

Collection (Double LP) The
ABBA LP 1987

Nya Vindar
Sven Ingvars LP 1987

Hits The
ABBA CD 1987
Dancing Queen (Japan Compilation) ABBA CD 1988
Guld Hits
ABBA K7 1988

Winner Takes It All (K7 Compilation) The
ABBA K7 1988

Bootleg CD 1989

Very Best Of ABBA (Reader'S Digest) The
ABBA CD 1989

Songbook Australian Chart Hits The
ABBA CD 1990

ABBA Story (Double CD) The
ABBA CD 1991

Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
ABBA CD 1991
Gold Ballads (Polar Version) Bootleg CD 1995
Arrival & Ring Ring
ABBA CD 1996
Golden Music Of ABBA The Bootleg CD 1998
Visitors (CD Bootleg 2) The Bootleg CD 1998
Ring Ring (Compilation)
ABBA CD 1999
Arrival/The Album Bootleg CD 2000 Love Songs (Bootlegs) Bootleg CD 2000

Millenium Edition
ABBA CD 2000
Ring Ring / Voulez-Vous Bootleg CD 2000 Waterloo / ABBA Bootleg CD 2000 Waterloo / Arrival Bootleg CD 2000

25 Jaar Popmuziek (The Best Of ABBA)
ABBA CD 2001
Collector'S Series The ABBA CD 2001 Voces Legendarias ABBA CD 2001
S.O.S. (The Best Of ABBA)
ABBA CD 2001
Die Grossen Erfolge ABBA K7 2002 Die Story -That'S ABBA Vol. 1 ABBA CD 2002 Die Story -The Chart Hits Vol. 1 ABBA CD 2002 Die Story -The Lovesongs ABBA CD 2002


Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

Rörs Jag Av Kärleken Igen Peter Ljung+Lasse Wellander+Bo Wastesson+Rutger Gunnarsson+Lasse Persson+Matilda Hansson+Peter Johansson 2008Singer
Susanna 1974Singer
Svea Svea 1971Singer

Alias or Working Title

Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

Baby I Won'T Come Back _Various 1973Musician
Contemplation _Various 1972Musician
I Saw It In The Mirror _Various 1970Musician

Associate to the Song

Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

Andante, Andante _Various 1980Musician
Angeleyes _Various 1978Musician
Another Town, Another Train _Various 1972Musician
Arrival _Various 1976Musician
As Good, As New _Various 1979Arrangement
Baby _Various 1974Musician
Bang A Boomerang _Various 1974Musician
Chiquitita _Various 1978Musician
Chiquitita _Various 1978Musician
Come Give Me Love Ted Gärdestad 1973Musician
Crazy World _Various 1974Musician
Dance _Various 1973 {(While The Music Still Goes On)}Musician
Dancing Queen _Various 1975Musician
Dancing Queen _Various 1975Musician
Dancing Queen _Various 1975Musician
Disillusion _Various 1973Musician
Does Your Mother Know _Various 1979Musician
Dum Dum Diddle _Various 1976Musician
Eagle _Various 1977Arrangement
Elaine _Various 1980Musician
Fernando _Various 1975Musician
Fernando _Various 1975Musician
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! _Various 1979 {(A Man After Midnight)}Musician
Gitarren Och Jag Ted Gärdestad 1973Musician
Gonna Sing You My Lovesong _Various 1973Musician
Happy Hawaii _Various 1976Musician
Happy New Year _Various 1980Musician
Hasta Mañana _Various 1973Musician
He Is Your Brother _Various 1972Musician
Head Over Heels _Various 1981Musician
Hey, Hey Helen _Various 1974Musician
Hole In Your Soul _Various 1977Arrangement
Honey, Honey _Various 1973Musician
I Am Just A Girl _Various 1973Musician
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do _Various 1974Musician
I Ett Moln Av Ökensand Janne Lucas 1978Arrangement
I Have A Dream _Various 1979Musician
I Let The Music Speak _Various 1981Musician
I Wonder _Various 1977 {(Departure)}Arrangement
I'M A Marionette _Various 1977Arrangement
I'Ve Been Waiting For You _Various 1974Musician
If It Wasn'T For The Nights _Various 1978Musician
In The Arms Of Rosalita _Various 1978Musician
Intermezzo No. 1 _Various 1974Musician
Jag Når Fram Till Målet Janne Lucas 1978Arrangement
Jag Ska Fånga En Ängel Ted Gärdestad 1973Musician
Kaliforniens Guld Ted Gärdestad 1973Musician
King Kong Song _Various 1973Musician
Kisses Of Fire _Various 1979Musician
Knowing Me, Knowing You _Various 1976Musician
Knowing Me, Knowing You _Various 1976Musician
Kom I Min Fantasi Ted Gärdestad 1973Musician
Lay All Your Love On Me _Various 1980Musician
Lelleby Boogie Finn Sjöberg+Rolf Alex 1978Musician
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room _Various 1981Musician
Love Isn'T Easy _Various 1973 {(But It Sure Is Hard Enough)}Musician
Lovelight _Various 1978Musician
Lovers _Various 1978 {(Live A Little Longer)}Arrangement
Mamma Mia _Various 1975Musician
Mamma Mia _Various 1975Musician
Man In The Middle _Various 1974Musician
Me And Bobby And Bobby'S Brother _Various 1973Musician
Me And I _Various 1980Musician
Medley _Various 1975Musician
Midnight Special _Various 1975Musician
Money, Money, Money _Various 1976Musician
Move On _Various 1977Arrangement
My Love, My Life _Various 1976Arrangement
My Mama Said _Various 1973Musician
National Commercial _Various 1976Musician
Nina, Pretty Ballerina _Various 1972Musician
No Hay A Quien Culpar _Various 1981Musician
Oh, Vilken Härlig Dag Ted Gärdestad 1973Musician
On And On And On _Various 1980Musician
On Top Of Old Smokey _Various 1975Musician
One Man, One Woman _Various 1977Arrangement
One Of Us _Various 1981Musician
Our Last Summer _Various 1980Musician
People Need Love _Various 1972Musician
Pick A Bale Of Cotton _Various 1975Musician
Put On Your White Sombrero _Various 1980Musician
Ramanagaram Ted Gärdestad 1973Musician
Ring Ring _Various 1973Musician
Rock Me _Various 1974Musician
Rock'N'Roll Band _Various 1972Musician
S.O.S. _Various 1974Musician
S.O.S. _Various 1974Musician
She'S My Kind Of Girl _Various 1973Musician
Should I Laugh Or Cry _Various 1981Musician
Sitting In The Palmtree _Various 1973Musician
Skolsång Ted Gärdestad 1973Musician
Slipping Through My Fingers _Various 1981Musician
So Long _Various 1974Musician
Sol, Vind Och Vatten Ted Gärdestad 1973Musician
Soldiers _Various 1981Musician
Solfeggietto Janne Lucas 1978Arrangement
Stenansiktet Ted Gärdestad 1973Musician
Stockholm Moonlighters 1978Musician
Summer Night City _Various 1978Musician
Super Trouper _Various 1980Musician
Super Trouper _Various 1980Musician
Suzy-Hang-Around _Various 1973Musician
Take A Chance On Me _Various 1977Arrangement
Take A Chance On Me _Various 1977Arrangement
Thank You For The Music _Various 1977Arrangement
That'S Me _Various 1976Musician
The Day Before You Came _Various 1982Musician
The Girl With The Golden Hair _Various 1977Arrangement
The King Has Lost His Crown _Various 1978Musician
The Name Of The Game _Various 1977Arrangement
The Piper _Various 1980Musician
The Visitors _Various 1981 {(Crackin' Up)}Musician
The Way Old Friends Do _Various 1979Musician
The Winner Takes It All _Various 1980Arrangement
The Winner Takes It All _Various 1980Arrangement
Tiger _Various 1976Musician
Touch And Go Janne Lucas 1978Arrangement
Tropical Loveland _Various 1975Musician
Two For The Price Of One _Various 1981Musician
Under Attack _Various 1982Musician
Universum Ted Gärdestad 1973Musician
Voulez-Vous _Various 1979Musician
Watch Out _Various 1973Musician
Waterloo _Various 1973Musician
Waterloo _Various 1973Musician
Wer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe Steht _Various 1973Musician
What About Livingstone? _Various 1973Musician
What Can I Do Janne Lucas 1978Arrangement
When All Is Said And Done _Various 1981Musician
When I Kissed The Teacher _Various 1976Musician
Why Did It Have To Be Me? _Various 1976Musician
You Owe Me One _Various 1982Musician

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