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_Various - ABBA Gold Covers 2020

Release Date: 16/06/2022
Support: DVD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Tribute)Singer


1Dancing Queen  (ARRIVAL)  {Video}    ab 3.37
2Summer Night City  (ABBA WORLD REVIVAL)  {Video}    ab 4.30
3Knowing Me, Knowing You  (ABBAMANIAC)  {Video}    ab 4.05
4The Day Before You Came  (Nancy VAN EINDHOVEN)  {Video}    ab 5.45
5People Need Love  (AKKA)  {Video}    ab 1.46
6Take A Chance On Me  (The UNITED STATES ARMY FIELD BAND)  {Video}    ab 2.34
7Slipping Through My Fingers  (Emma GILMOUR)  {Video}    ab 3.58
8As Good, As New  {Video Natasha & Julia}    ab 3.29
9Mamma Mia  (SUPER TROUPER FOR ABBA)  {Video}    ab 3.24
10Eagle  (AKKA)  {Video}    ab 1.56
11Lay All Your Love On Me  {Video Larroci}    ab 2.55
12Intermezzo No. 1  {Instrumental Video Orchestra}    ab 4.11
13Super Trouper  (AGNETHA'S AFFAIR)  {Video}    ab 4.26
14So Long  (ABBASOLUTELY)  {Video Version 2019}    ab 3.02
15Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (Sissel KYRKJEBÖ+TABERNACLE CHOIR)  {Video}    ab 5.18
16I Have A Dream  (Danne DINIZ)  {Video}    ab 4.15
17Honey, Honey  (Sarah COLLINS)  {Video}    ab 2.57
18The Winner Takes It All  (Elena CHIGLINOVA)  {Video}    ab 5.32
19The Visitors  (Edward MISKIE)  {Video}    ab 5.37
20I'Ve Been Waiting For You  (Laura Jane BROWNE)  {Video}    ab 3.08
21Money, Money, Money  (BJORN AGAIN)  {Video Version 2020}    ab 3.42
22Our Last Summer  {Video Tara}    ab 3.59
23When All Is Said And Done  {Video ABBA Tributo}    ab 3.25
24S.O.S.  (KALY & THE RINGTONES)  {Video ABBA Kaly'S Music Challenge S02 E05}    ab 3.26
25On And On And On  (ABBA WORLD REVIVAL)  {Video}    ab 3.50
26Chiquitita  (THANK ABBA FOR THE MUSIC)  {Video Special Rendition}    ab 5.37
27Ring Ring  (COCO BAND)  {Video}    ab 2.43
28Fernando  (ABBA CELEBRATION)  {Video}    ab 4.25
29I Wonder  (ABBA LUSH)  {Video}    ab 4.36
30Bang A Boomerang  (ABBA WORLD REVIVAL)  {Video}    ab 3.00
31Voulez-Vous  (FIZZ' ME UP)  {Video}    ab 2.58
32My Love, My Life  {Video Natasha & Julia}    ab 3.40
33Arrival  (Phil MCGARRICK)  {Instrumental Video ABBA & Mike Oldfield Guitar Cover}    ab 1.49
34Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (APROPO)  {Video}    ab 3.12
35Head Over Heels  (KARNI BAND)  {Video}    ab 3.48
36Why Did It Have To Be Me?  {Video Maisie}    ab 3.21
37Does Your Mother Know  {Video Allsång i Svenljunga}    ab 2.59
38Andante, Andante  (LMR)  {Video}    ab 4.27
39One Of Us  (Mazz MURRAY)  {Video The Show Must Go On!}    ab 3.20
40Hasta Mañana  (ABBA MAMMA MIA)  {Video}    ab 2.59
41The Name Of The Game  (ABBAMANIA)  {Video}    ab 4.17
42Cassandra  (WIT GURL'S MUSIC ADVENTURE)  {Video}    ab 4.40
43Happy New Year  (Janza KATA)  {Video}    ab 4.07
44One Man, One Woman  (ABBASOLUTELY)  {Video}    ab 4.37
45Thank You For The Music  (PIHALNI ORKESTER RUDNIKA MEžICA)  {Video}    ab 3.55
46Waterloo  (LOVE SISTERS)  {Video}    ab 2.54
47Elaine  (Patricia MAEDER)  {Video}    ab 2.17
48The Way Old Friends Do  (BROERS+BALA BROTHERS)  {Video}    ab 2.33
49Danke Für Die Träume  (Frank WEISE+Vera ZOLLER)  {German Video}    ab 3.55
50When I Kissed The Teacher  (KONCERT NOWOROCZNY)  {Czech Video}    ab 3.00

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