datABBAse - DVD

_Various - ABBA Gold Covers 2017 DVD

Release Date: 04/2018
Support: DVD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Tribute)Singer
Thorsven RecordsHouse Label


1ABBA Medley  (Filder SPATZEN)  {Video}    ab 8.06
2Dancing Queen  (EMO)  {Video}    ab 3.59
3Summer Night City  (CARNIVAL BAND)  {Video}    ab 3.01
4Knowing Me, Knowing You  (The MERMAIDS)  {Video}    ab 2.28
5Angeleyes  (KALLE SCHMIDT 10 VOICE CHOR)  {Video}    ab 3.34
6As Good, As New  (HAPPY VOICES+Gabriel FORSS)  {Video}    ab 3.12
7Medley People Need Love & He Is Your Brother & Love Isn'T Easy  (ABBA THE HISTORY)  {Video}    ab 2.50
8Take A Chance On Me  (Dunja VRHOVNIK)  {Video}    ab 3.15
9The Day Before You Came  (ZULIE)  {Video}    ab 5.49
10Slipping Through My Fingers  (WEDDING STRING QUARTET)  {Instrumental Video}    ab 4.24
11Mamma Mia  (Lorena ZANETTI)  {Video}    ab 3.37
12Eagle  (ABBA CHIQUE)  {Video}    ab 4.24
13Medley I Am A Marionette & Get On The Carousel & Internezzo No 1  (ABBA SHOW)  {Video Live}    ab 6.47
14Lay All Your Love On Me  (NEWFANGLED JESTERS)  {Video}    ab 2.00
15I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (ALLEGRA QUARTET)  {Instrumental Video}    ab 2.39
16Super Trouper  (SHRIMPFIELD)  {Video}    ab 3.32
17So Long  (The DANCING QUEEN GROUP)  {Video}    ab 2.56
18Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (OSLO FAGOTTKOR)  {Video}    ab 3.03
19I Have A Dream  (Annemarie EILFELD)  {Video}    ab 4.08
20Honey, Honey  (Mia MAMA)  {Video}    ab 4.01
21The Winner Takes It All  (Kelsey FARRUGIA)  {Video}    ab 2.40
22The Visitors  (ABBA SHOW)  {Video}    ab 3.49
23I'Ve Been Waiting For You  {Video Live 2017}    ab 3.37
24Soldiers  (ABBA SHOW)  {Video}    ab 3.13
25Money, Money, Money  (RE-COVER)  {Video}    ab 2.26
26Our Last Summer  {Video Version 2017}    ab 1.30
27When All Is Said And Done  (TONWERK)  {Video}    ab 3.41
28S.O.S.  (CLEO)  {Video}    ab 2.58
29Chiquitita  (Lorena ERACLE)  {Video}    ab 4.09
30Ring Ring  (The DANCING QUEEN GROUP)  {Video}    ab 2.59
31Fernando  (Serge SOMMER)  {Video}    ab 4.00
32I Wonder  {Video}    ab 3.56
33One Man, One Woman  (Helen SJÖHOLM+Nils LANDGREN)  {Video Kulturhuset Stadsteatern}    ab 4.54
34Bang A Boomerang  (DANCING QUEEN ABBA SALUTE)  {Video}    ab 3.00
35Hey, Hey Helen  (ABBA SHOW)  {Video}    ab 2.58
36Voulez-Vous  (ABBASOLUTELY)  {Video}    ab 4.22
37Lovelight  (ABBA SHOW)  {Video Live 2017}    ab 3.23
38My Love, My Life  (Manoela RIZZO+Renata PRADO)  {Video}    ab 3.41
39Arrival  (Sarah BRIGHTMAN)  {Video Montage}    ab 3.13
40Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (CI CO ZAWSZE BAND)  {Video}    ab 1.37
41When I Kissed The Teacher  (The GREEN PLANET)  {Video}    ab 2.53
42Does Your Mother Know  (ATOMIKA)  {Video}    ab 1.13
43Andante, Andante  (Cheryl WILLIAMS)  {Video}    ab 4.20
44Hole In Your Soul  (FICS JAZZ)  {Video}    ab 4.12
45One Of Us  (ABBA REUNION)  {Video}    ab 3.56
46Hasta Mañana  (Tin HILLS)  {Video}    ab 2.56
47Why Did It Have To Be Me?  (Danny MCEVOY)  {Video}    ab 2.44
48The Name Of The Game  {Video}    ab 4.55
49Cassandra  (ABBA SHOW)  {Video Live 2017}    ab 2.12
50Happy New Year  (ROYAL AVENUE)  {Video}    ab 3.10
51Thank You For The Music  (Lyubov BALY)  {Video}    ab 3.58
52Medley Under Attack & Head Over Heels  (AIDA STARS)  {Video}    ab 3.42
53Waterloo  (SUPERMENKI)  {Video}    ab 2.42
54The Way Old Friends Do  (LINDENKOOR)  {Video}    ab 2.33
55ABBA Medley  (DIVINA MACHINA)  {Video}    ab 7.00
56Dancing Queen  (ROCK & ROSE)  {Video}    ab 3.29
57Mamma Mia  (BAINO BAND)  {Video}    ab 3.11
58Lay All Your Love On Me  (ADDICT'S INITIATIVE)  {Video}    ab 4.50
59Super Trouper  (INCOGNITO)  {Video}    ab 3.53
60The Winner Takes It All  (Maria DEMYANENKO)  {Video}    ab 4.20
61Money, Money, Money  (QATTANA)  {Video}    ab 3.10
62S.O.S.  (Payson LEWIS)  {Video}    ab 3.07
63Chiquitita  (Nikka COSTA)  {Video}    ab 5.35
64Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (DISCOBOOOOM)  {Video}    ab 3.00
65Thank You For The Music  (Charlotte FOLEY)  {Video}    ab 3.39
66ABBA Mix  (Janza KATA+Peller ANNA+Veréb TAMÁS+Kocsis DÉNES)  {Video}    ab 4.11
67Dancing Queen  (ONEMPIRE)  {Video}    ab 4.06
68Mamma Mia  (KAPRIZAS)  {Video}    ab 3.41
69The Winner Takes It All  (BEK E OS TIO DE FUSCA)  {Video}    ab 4.33
70S.O.S.  (ABBA ROCKS)  {Video}    ab 3.23
71Chiquitita  (FOREVER TWO)  {Video}    ab 5.27
72Thank You For The Music  (ANNA-MARIA)  {Video ????-????? My ABBA Tribute}    ab 5.25
73ABBA Medley  (ROYAL AVENUE)  {Video}    ab 4.50
74Dancing Queen  (Tom WARDLE)  {Video}    ab 4.15
75Mamma Mia  (Violeta MILCHEVA)  {Video}    ab 3.29
76Super Trouper  (Madeleine WOLF)  {Video}    ab 3.55
77The Winner Takes It All  (Lotta EMILIA)  {Video}    ab 3.01
78Ven Verano  (MAMMA TUYA)  {Spanish Video}    ab 3.01
79Chiquitita  (ANGELUS)  {Spanish Video El Coro De Lujo!}    ab 5.37
80Mamma Mia! 2 Medley  {Video}    ab 6.03
81Dancing Queen  (B-CLIP)  {Video}    ab 3.06
82Mamma Mia  (CUATRO)  {Video}    ab 3.35
83Mamma Mia  (KMP GIRLS)  {Video}    ab 3.30
84Mamma Mia  (OHP)  {Video}    ab 3.38
85Mamma Mia  (BANDIT)  {Video}    ab 1.38
86Mamma Mia  (Jasmine KENNEDY)  {Video}    ab 3.59
87Chiquitita  (CORO VITALE)  {Spanish Video}    ab 5.20
88Bravo Tu As Gagné  (Lydia BRESKA)  {French Video}    ab 4.49
89ABBA Medley  (ANNELIE)  {Video}    ab 1.39

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