datABBAse - CD

The Random Hubiak Band - Ce N'Est Pas Un Album:

Release Date: 21/11/2018
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


The Random Hubiak BandSinger / House Label


1I Only Come Alive In Dreams 3.41
2Halcyon Daze 5.22
3Memoirs Of A Manwhore 6.04
4I'Ve Come Undone 4.19
5Vapor Trails 4.45
6Jaffa Suite 7.28
7When All Is Said And Done    ab 5.00
8Dreams From A Stolen Car 3.52
9Static  {Ambient Version} 8.03
10Halcyon Daze  {Edit Pop} 3.52
11Memoirs Of A Manchild  {Edit Radio} 3.47
12I'Ve Come Undone  {Edit Radio} 3.44
13Vapor Trails  {Edit Rock Radio} 4.03
14Halcyon Daze  {Edit Rock Radio} 4.00
15I Only Come Alive In Dreams  {Edit Three Minute} 3.02
16Crazy Lanie  {Demo Drum Trip} 3.32

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