datABBAse - LP

ABBA - Waterloo (LP Reissue 2011)

Release Date: 08/08/2011
Support: LP (I do Not Have)
Production: Autorized
Language: English




1Waterloo  {Swedish}    ab 2.45
2Sitting In The Palmtree    ab 3.35
3King Kong Song    ab 3.09
4Hasta Maņana    ab 3.07
5My Mama Said    ab 3.12
6Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)    ab 3.11
7Honey, Honey    ab 2.54
8Watch Out    ab 3.46
9What About Livingstone?    ab 2.54
10Gonna Sing You My Lovesong    ab 3.39
11Suzy-Hang-Around    ab 3.10
12Waterloo    ab 2.43

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