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_Various - Love Compilation

Release Date: 21/01/2014
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


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1At The Beginning  (SMALL CLUB) 3.41
2Whenever There Is Love  (Kym BROWN+Jack GRANT) 4.08
3Falling Into You  (Pattie ROSS) 4.00
4Huragan  (France CHERI) 4.20
5Human  (HUMAN VELVET) 4.07
6You  (SECRET TOUCH) 3.37
7Can You Feel My Love Tonight  (WHITE CHOCOLATE) 4.00
8Advertising Space  (ROBY) 4.27
9I'M Easy  (K THOM)    ho 3.10
10I Don'T Wanna Miss A Thing  (Ronny BRAND) 4.03
11It Must Have Been Love  (The KEY) 4.36
12My Heart Will Go On  (SERINA)    af 4.17
13How Deep Is Your Love  (The GREASE BAND) 4.42
14Hopelessly Devoted To You  (SANDY) 3.01
15La Vie En Rose  (EDDY) 3.30
16Fernando  (BIG BAND)    ab 4.15
17Circle Of Life  (CLARKE) 5.47
18Blue Eyes  (J JEY) 3.22
19Take A Look At Me Now  (Robin RICH) 3.22
20Born To Make You Happy  (ELSA) 4.05
21Snow On The Sahara  (BLONDE) 4.52
22Europa  (RICHARD) 4.49
23Beauty And The Beast  (MARTIN) 3.58
24Imagine  (Phil SLADE) 3.02
25Orinoco Flow  (Claudine MEYERS) 3.36
26Shattered Dreams  (Herbie SMITH) 3.25
27We Don'T Need Another Hero  (Tania KING) 3.33
28More Than I Can Say  (Tommy TAYLOR) 3.10
29Say It Once  (222ND STREET) 3.55
30The Show Must Go On  (6 A M) 4.05
31Woman  (Diana BROOKS) 4.02
32Private Dancer  (Donna REEVES) 5.32
34Sandy  (Paul MCCOY) 2.35
35The Winner Takes It All  (Diane ENGLAND)    ab 4.08
36If God Will Send His Angels  (RITCHIE BAND) 4.26
37Don'T Want To Miss A Thing  (Ronnie JONES) 3.54
38I Belong To You  (The FLOWERS PROJECT) 4.14
39Unbreak My Heart  (Helen BART) 3.56
40On My Own  (Gayle TAYLOR) 3.31
41Breath  (Rodney MIRROR) 4.27
42As Long As You Love Me  (The CURRENT BOYS) 3.41
43This Love  (SEVEN BOYS) 4.06
44True  (Nick CRUISE) 4.19
45Angelia  (Thomas GOLD) 4.46
46Why  (Tina EDWARDS) 4.12
47Don'T Dream It'S Over  (WHITE STYLE) 3.18
48Torn  (Pamela GAAL) 4.04
49Reality  (Richard STREET) 4.08
50The Power Of Love  (Linda JONES) 4.30

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