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_Various - Best Disco The

Release Date: 10/09/2014
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
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Language: English


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Marathon Media International LtdHouse Label


1Summer Night City  (NOISE REACTION)    ab 3.34
2Whatever You Do, Don'T!  (Zoe HARRIS) 3.44
3Oops!...I Did It Again  (Sussan KAMERON) 3.35
4You Want This  (The BROWN SISTERS) 4.58
5Think  (Julia WARD) 2.31
6Freeway Of Love  (Bárbara JACKSON) 5.01
7Step Back In Time  (Ashley CORNELL) 3.07
8My Oh My  (Lindsay SHAWN) 3.26
9Happy Boys & Girls  (MAXDOWN) 3.37
10Didn'T I  (Jennifer BULLOCK) 3.18
11Around The World  (Shania ROBSON) 3.25
12Somebody Else'S Guy  (Dianne SPALL) 3.45
13You To Me Are Everything  (COOL SENSATION)    ab 3.25
14I Am, I Feel  (Laetitia REUBAULT) 4.05
15Pink Cadillac  (Sarah OVERMEYER) 4.14
16King Of Wishful Thinking  (Patrick KRAUSE) 3.57
17Dance With Me  (Jennifer BULLOCK) 3.46
18Stuck In The Middle  (Lídice FOSTER) 3.48
19Happy Face  (The BROWN SISTERS) 4.18
20Dim All The Lights  (Shania ROBSON) 4.27

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