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_Various - Songlines Top Of The World 64

Release Date: 2009
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Promotional
Language: English


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1Gulaguajira  (Les TRIABOLIQUES)  {French} 3.33
2The Testimony Of Patience Kershaw  (The UNTHANKS) 4.08
3Kalashnik Love  (SPEED CARAVAN) 4.11
4Ne Kuni Me, Ne Ruzi Me Majko  (Ljiljana BUTTLER)  {Other Language} 5.04
5Pundela  (Thierry Ytiti ROBIN) 4.13
6Out Of Babel  (The DESTROYERS) 3.10
7La Rose  (RUPA & THE APRIL FISHES)  {French} 3.02
8Missile  (FRNACO & LE TPOK JAZZ) 7.36
9Volver  (ORQUESTA TÍPICA IMPERIAL)  {Spanish} 4.14
10Linda Morena  (QUANTIC & HIS COMBO BÁRBARO)  {Spanish} 8.29
11Tusen Tankar  (TRIAKEL)  {Swedish}    hs 6.44
12Miniyamba  (Coumba GAWLO)  {Benny Andersson's playlist} 5.53
13Hoe Ana  (FETIA)  {Benny Andersson's playlist} 3.11
14Hjortingen  (Orsa Spellman)  {Instrumental}    os 2.43
15Scarlet Ribbons  (Sinead O'CONNOR)  {Benny Andersson's playlist} 4.15

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