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_Various - Toppop DVD 1

Release Date: 2010
Support: DVD (I Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


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1Ich Bin Wie Du  (Marianne ROSENBERG)  {German Video Live Toppop}  
2Weekend  (EARTH & FIRE)  {Video Live Toppop} 3.33
3Denis  (BLONDIE)  {Video Live Toppop} 2.15
4Rock Your Baby  (George MCCRAE)  {Video Live Toppop}    ab  
5Suzanne  (V O F DE KUNST)  {Video Live Toppop}  
6View From A Bridge  (Kim WILDE)  {Video Live Toppop}  
7Who'S That Lady With My Man  (Patricia PAAY)  {Video Live Toppop} 3.15
8Never Never Gonna Give You Up  (Barry WHITE)  {Video Live Toppop}  
9Dyna-Mite  (MUD)  {Video Live Toppop}  
10Back Home  (GOLDEN EARRING)  {Video Live Toppop}  
11Lust For Life  (Iggy POP)  {Video Live Toppop}  
12Dodenrit  (DRS P)  {Dutch Video Live Toppop}  
13Big City  (Tol HANSSE)  {Video Live Toppop} 3.24
14Embarrassment  (MADNESS)  {Video Live Toppop}  
15Non, Non Rien N'A Changé  (Les POPPYS)  {French Video Live Toppop} 3.11
16The Alternative Way  (Anita MEYER)  {Video Live Toppop}  
17Everytime I Think Of You  (The BABYS)  {Video Live Toppop} 3.59
18Laat Me  (Ramses SHAFFY)  {Video Live Toppop}  
19True  (SPANDAU BALLET)  {Video Live Toppop}  
20Year Of The Cat  (Al STEWART)  {Video Live Toppop}  
21Just An Illusion  (IMAGINATION)  {Video Live Toppop}  
22Je Loog Tegen Mij  (DRUKWERK)  {Video Live Toppop}  
23La Vie En Rose  (Grace JONES)  {French Video Live Toppop}  
24I Save The Day  (Roberto JACKETTI+The SCOOTERS)  {Video Live Toppop}  
25Respectable  (MEL & KIM)  {Video Live Toppop}  

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