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Guilty Connector - Cosmic Trigger / 2 A.M. Visit

Release Date: 2004
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Catalogue Number: GF033
Language: English


Guilty ConnectorSinger
GroundfaultHouse Label


1Cosmic Trigger Pulled At Koenji Space-Station  
2Straight To Taisho  
3Skunked Result  
4666 Koenji Awamori Trinken Massacre  
5Roulette W/ Sudden Infant  
6Brighter Than 10,000 Cacophonous Suns  
7The Curse Behind  
8Sawed Starvation Dog'S Head  
9Nail, 15cm Long  
10Stabbed Straw Puppet  
11Rock Me  {Masters Of The Scene}    ab 2.31
122am Visit  

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