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CHESS - Chess Broadway Premiere

Chess - Chess Broadway Premiere

Release Date: 28/04/1988
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Catalogue Number: [132bdce][162332f]
Language: English
Version: Live




1Prologue  {Live Broadway}    ch
2The Story Of Chess  {Live Broadway}    ch
3Press Conference  {Live Broadway}    ch
4Where I Want To Be  {Live Broadway}    ch
5How Many Women  {Live Broadway}    ch
6Merchandisers  {Live Broadway}    ch
7U.S. Vs U.S.S.R.  {Live Broadway}    ch
8Chess  {Instrumental Live Broadway (Hymn)}    ch
9Chess  {Instrumental Live Broadway}    ch
10Quartet (A Model Of Decorum And Tranquility)  {Live Broadway}    ch
11You Want To Lose Your Only Friend ?  {Live Broadway}    ch
12Someone Else'S Story  {Live Broadway 1988}    ch
13One Night In Bangkok  {Live Broadway}    ch
14Terrace Duet  {Live Broadway}    ch
15Florence Quits  {Live Broadway}    ch
16Nobody'S Side  {Live Broadway}    ch
17Anthem  {Live Broadway 1988}    ch
1The Arbiter  {Live Broadway}    ch
2Hungarian Folk Song  {Live Broadway}    ch
3Heaven Help My Heart  {Live Broadway}    ch
4No Contest  {Live Broadway}    ch
5You And I  {Live Broadway}    ch
6A Whole New Board Game  {Live Broadway}    ch
7Let'S Work Together  {Live Broadway}    ch
8I Know Him So Well  {Live Broadway}    ch
9Pity The Child  {Live Broadway}    ch
10Lullaby (Apukád Erós Kezén)  {Live Broadway}    ch
11Endgame  {Live Broadway}    ch
12You And I  {Live Broadway Reprise}    ch
13Anthem  {Live Broadway 1988 Reprise}    ch

_Various - Chess Broadway Premiere

Release Date: 2008
Support: DVD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_Chess CoversSinger


1Prologue  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    The Story Of Chess  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    Press Conference  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    Where I Want To Be  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    How Many Women  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    Merchandisers  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    U.S. Vs U.S.S.R.  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    Chess  (Chess)  {Instrumental Video Live Broadway (Hymn)}    ch
    Chess  (Chess)  {Instrumental Video Live Broadway}    ch
    Quartet (A Model Of Decorum And Tranquility)  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    You Want To Lose Your Only Friend ?  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    Someone Else'S Story  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    One Night In Bangkok  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    Terrace Duet  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    Florence Quits  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    Nobody'S Side  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    Anthem  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
2The Arbiter  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    Hungarian Folk Song  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    Heaven Help My Heart  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    No Contest  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    You And I  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    A Whole New Board Game  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    Let'S Work Together  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    I Know Him So Well  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    Pity The Child  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    Lullaby (Apukád Erós Kezén)  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    Endgame  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway}    ch
    You And I  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway Reprise}    ch
    Anthem  (Chess)  {Video Live Broadway Reprise}    ch


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