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Roxette - Ballad & Pop Hits (DVD)

Release Date: 17/11/2003
Support: DVD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Catalogue Number: 4909469
Language: English


Roxette RecordingsHouse Label


1A Thing About You  {Videoclip}
2It Must Have Been Love  {Videoclip}
3Listen To Your Heart  {Videoclip}
4Fading Like A Flower  {Videoclip}
5Spending My Time  {Videoclip}
6Queen Of Rain  {Videoclip}
7Almost Unreal  {Videoclip}
8Crash! Boom! Bang!  {Videoclip}
9Vulnerable  {Videoclip}
10You DonīT Understand Me  {Videoclip}
11Wish I Could Fly  {Videoclip}
12Anyone  {Videoclip}
13Salvation  {Videoclip}
14Milk And Toast And Honey  {Videoclip}
15Opportunity Nox  {Videoclip}
16The Look  {Videoclip}
17Dressed For Success  {Videoclip}
18Dangerous  {Videoclip}    af
19Joyride  {Videoclip}
20The Big L.  {Videoclip}
21Church Of Your Heart  {Videoclip}
22How Do You Do!  {Videoclip}
23Sleeping In My Car  {Videoclip}
24Run To You  {Videoclip}
25June Afternoon  {Videoclip}
26Stars  {Videoclip}
27The Centre Of The Heart  {Videoclip}
28Real Sugar  {Videoclip}
29Neverending Love  {Videoclip}
30Soul Deep  {Videoclip}
31I Call Your Name  {Videoclip}
32Chances  {Videoclip}
33(Do You Get) Excited?  {Videoclip}
34Fingertips  {Video ī93}
35Fireworks  {Videoclip}
36She DoesnīT Live Here Anymore  {Videoclip}
37Un Dia Sin Ti  {Spanish Videoclip}
38Making Of Joyride  {Video}
39Really Roxette  {Video}

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