datABBAse - DVD

Erasure - Tank, The Swan & The Balloon The

Release Date: 1994
Support: DVD (I Have)
Production: Official Compilation
Language: English




1Siren Song  {Video Live}
2Ship Of Fools  {Video Live}
3Chorus  {Video Live}
4Breath Of Life  {Video Live}
5Chains Of Love  {Video Live}
6Love To Hate You  {Video Live}
7Joan  {Video Live}
8ABBAesque  {Video Live The Tank, The Swan & The Balloon Tour}    ab
    Voulez-Vous  {Video Live}    ab
9Take A Chance On Me  {Video Live}    ab
10S.O.S.  {Video Live}    ab
11Lay All Your Love On Me  {Video Live}    ab
12Am I Right?  {Video Live}
13Oh L'Amour  {Video Live}
14Waiting For The Day  {Video Live}
15Heart Of Stone  {Video Live}
16Stop  {Video Live}
17The Good, The Bad And The Ugly  {Video Live}
18Who Needs Love Like That  {Video Live}
19Stand By Your Man  {Video Live}    ho
20The Soldiers' Return  {Video Live}
21Turns The Love To Anger  {Video Live}
22Star  {Video Live}
23Blue Savannah  {Video Live}
24Over Tthe Rainbow  {Video Live}
25Love Is A Loser  {Video Live}
26A Little Respect  {Video Live}
27Home  {Video Live}
28Perfect Stranger  {Video Live}
29Sometimes  {Video Live}

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