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_Various - Disco Alegria 2

Release Date: 2000
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Official Compilation
Catalogue Number: [1f4fcca][1dfba4c][2a5b90]
Language: English


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1(Mucho Mambo) Sway  (SHAFT) 3.27
2Turn Around  (PAPS 'N' SKAR) 3.22
3This Is My World  (B-CHARME) 3.41
4Gypsy Love  (Crystal CLEAR) 3.54
5Can'T Take My Eyes Off You  (HERMES HOUSE BAND)    fr 4.32
6Let It Be The Night  (Kim LUKAS) 3.54
7Off The Wall  (WISDOM) 3.22
8Keep On Dancin'  (D.J. STARLETTE) 3.44
9Ring My Bell  (Anita WARD+RINGO BROTHERS)  {Funkstar Deluxe Remix} 3.41
10Take Your Time  (The LOVE BITE) 3.49
11Born To Make You Happy  (ROCHELLE)  {Version Dance} 4.34
12Come And Fly  (MASTER MOOD) 3.18
13Lift Me Up  (Geri HALLIWELL) 3.49
14Rain  (LUNA) 4.09
15Believe In Me  (Sylvan F.+D.J. BRICE) 3.40
16Running  (WALDEN) 3.28
17Open Up  (BLACK C) 4.14
18Where R U Now  (2 BLACK 4 U) 3.52
19Airwave  (RANK 1) 2.57
202 New York  (D.J. Peter PROJECT) 3.27
1Para No Verte Mas  (CHE-CHE)  {Spanish Version Dance} 4.51
2Levantando Las Manos  (EL SINTOMA)  {Spanish} 4.15
3Eo, Ea! Que Viva La Noche  (MOJITO)  {Spanish} 3.32
4Arriba  (SOCA CREW BAND)  {Spanish} 3.51
5Mambo N°8  (ORQUESTA PIEL CANELA)  {Spanish} 2.55
61, 2, 3  (EL SINTOMA)  {Spanish} 3.19
7Lagrimas Por Ti  (MINERVA)  {Spanish Version Latin} 3.05
8It'S Not Unusual  (WANNATOM) 2.01
9Move Your Body  (EIFFEL 65) 3.29
10La Banana  (LATINO BROS)  {Spanish} 3.50
11Ain'T No Mountain High Enough  (INNER LIFE) 4.10
12If You Believe  (UNIVERSAL VOICE+GUAX) 4.15
13American Pie  (WHO'S THAT GIRL!)  {Version Dance} 4.25
14Don'T Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)  (Jackie O) 3.34
15Give It Up  (XX) 3.48
16LetīS All Chant  (The MICHAEL ZAGER BAND)  {2000} 3.26
17Synths & Strings  (YOMANDA) 3.18
1Live Your Life  (Crystal CLEAR) 4.22
2Do It To Me Again  (SOULSEARCHER) 3.13
3It'S A Feeling Now  (Robbie RIVERA+Miss EPPS) 3.50
4Gonna Get Your Love  (S-SENSE+Jenny B) 3.23
5Rise  (SOUL PROVIDERS)  {Bini & Martini Vocal Mix} 4.23
6Higher  (David MORALES+Albert CABRERA+MOCA+DEANNA) 4.10
7Jungle Boogie  (WICKED PHUNKER) 4.22
8Give Me Your Love  (FULL INTENTION+DEEPDOWN) 4.42
9Morning Light  (G-STARR+BIG WORLD) 3.38
10Can You Handle It  (SPECIAL K+Michelle WEEKS) 4.34
12My Good Is Real  (KAYA) 4.19
13Get On My Camel  (Paul JOHNSON) 4.23
14Dr Drum  (VIBRATION) 3.49
15True House  (C & M PRODUCTION+MARCEL)  {Eddie Amador Mix} 3.56
16(Mucho Mambo) Sway  (SHAFT)  {Remix R. Rivera Barcelona dub} 4.19
1Disco Alegria 2 Session  (_INCONNU)
    Live Your Life  (Crystal CLEAR)  {Medley}
    Gypsy Love  (Crystal CLEAR)  {Medley}
    It'S A Feeling Now  (Robbie RIVERA)  {Medley}
    (Mucho Mambo) Sway  (SHAFT)  {Medley}
    Off The Wall  (WISDOM)  {Medley}
    Gonna Get Your Love  (S-SENSE)  {Medley}
    Let It Be The Night  (Kim LUKAS)  {Medley}
    American Pie  (WHO'S THAT GIRL!)  {Medley}
    Ain'T No Mountain High Enough  (INNER LIFE)  {Medley}
    Ring My Bell  (Anita WARD)  {Medley}
    Take Your Time  (The LOVE BITE)  {Medley}
    Turn Around  (PAPS 'N' SKAR)  {Medley}
    Don'T Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)  (Jackie O)  {Medley}
    This Is My World  (B-CHARME)  {Medley}
    Para No Verte Mas  (CHE-CHE)  {Spanish Medley}
    1, 2, 3  (EL SINTOMA)  {Spanish Medley}
    Eo, Ea! Que Viva La Noche  (MOJITO)  {Spanish Medley}
    Mambo N°8  (ORQUESTA PIEL CANELA)  {Spanish Medley}
    Can'T Take My Eyes Off You  (HERMES HOUSE BAND)  {Medley}    fr
    La Banana  (LATINO BROS)  {Spanish Medley}
    It'S Not Unusual  (WANNATOM)  {Medley}

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