datABBAse - CD

_Various - Time

Release Date: 2002
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer


1Time  (ABBACADABRA MUSICAL+Frida+B. A. ROBERTSON)  {ABBAcadabra A Musical Adventure (Ep)}    fr 3.44
2I Am The Seeker  (ABBACADABRA MUSICAL+B. A. ROBERTSON)  {Live}    af 3.59
3Like An Image Passing By  (ABBACADABRA MUSICAL+Elaine PAIGE)  {Live}    af 3.50
4When Dreamers Close Their Eyes  (ABBACADABRA MUSICAL+Finola HUGHES)  {Live}    af 14.31
5Belle  (ABBACADABRA MUSICAL+Daniel BALAVOINE+Frida)  {French}    fr 3.15
6Get On The Carousel  (ABBA)  {Live Remix}    ab 3.42
7I Know Him So Well  (STEPS)  {Edit}    ch 3.46
821st Century ABBA Megamix  (ABBA)    ab 8.02
9Thank ABBA For The Music  (STEPS+Tina COUSINS+CLEOPATRA+B*WITCHED+BILLIE)  {Radio Edit}    ab
    Take A Chance On Me  (STEPS+Tina COUSINS+CLEOPATRA+B*WITCHED+BILLIE)  {Medley Radio Edit}    ab
    Dancing Queen  (STEPS+Tina COUSINS+CLEOPATRA+B*WITCHED+BILLIE)  {Medley Radio Edit}    ab
    Mamma Mia  (STEPS+Tina COUSINS+CLEOPATRA+B*WITCHED+BILLIE)  {Medley Radio Edit}    ab
    Thank You For The Music  (STEPS+Tina COUSINS+CLEOPATRA+B*WITCHED+BILLIE)  {Medley Radio Edit}    ab
10Thank You For The Music  (The CARPENTERS)  {Live Tonight Show}    ab 3.37
11P & B  (Agnetha)  {Edit}    ag 3.06
12Änglamark  (Frida+Marie FREDRIKSSON+Tomas LEDIN+Håkan HAGEGÅRD)  {Swedish}    fr 4.37
13Saltwater  (Frida)    fr 3.56
14The Way You Are  (Agnetha+Ola HAKANSSON)    ag 4.11
15As Long As I Have You  (Frida+RA TA TA)    fr 4.42
16I'M An A  (ABBA)  {Live Perth (Tour 77)(March 10)}    ab 5.29

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