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Mamma Mia - Mamma Mia Chinese Version

Release Date: 14/12/2013
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Official
Language: Other Language


Mamma MiaSinger


1Ouverture & Prologue  (MAMMA MIA+Feng CHUN XI)  {Chinese}    mm 3.03
2Honey, Honey  (MAMMA MIA+Feng CHUN XI+SONG XIN YANG+LIN YI)  {Chinese}    mm 2.05
3Money, Money, Money  (MAMMA MIA+SHADOW)  {Chinese}    mm 3.04
4Thank You For The Music  (MAMMA MIA+Feng CHUN XI+Yu TAO+Fu ZHENHUA+Linsen SEN)  {Chinese}    mm 2.56
5Mamma Mia  (MAMMA MIA+SHADOW)  {Chinese}    mm 3.10
6Chiquitita  (MAMMA MIA+Shen XIAO CEN+Qiu LING+SHADOW)  {Chinese}    mm 2.28
7Dancing Queen  {Chinese}    mm 3.24
8Lay All Your Love On Me  (MAMMA MIA+Xiao LIN)  {Chinese}    mm 3.07
9Super Trouper  (MAMMA MIA+SHADOW+Qiu LING+Shen XIAO CEN)  {Chinese}    mm 3.55
10Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  {Chinese}    mm 3.55
11The Name Of The Game  (MAMMA MIA+Feng CHUN XI+Linsen SEN)  {Chinese}    mm 2.14
12Voulez-Vous  {Chinese Cast}    mm 3.33
13Entr'Acte  {Instrumental}    mm 2.16
14Under Attack  (MAMMA MIA+Feng CHUN XI)  {Chinese}    mm 3.16
15One Of Us  (MAMMA MIA+SHADOW)  {Chinese}    mm 1.57
16S.O.S.  (MAMMA MIA+SHADOW+Yu TAO)  {Chinese}    mm 2.57
17Does Your Mother Know  (MAMMA MIA+Shen XIAO CEN+ZHAO)  {Chinese}    mm 3.23
18Knowing Me, Knowing You  (MAMMA MIA+Yu TAO)  {Chinese}    mm 2.56
19Our Last Summer  (MAMMA MIA+Fu ZHENHUA+SHADOW)  {Chinese}    mm 2.41
20Slipping Through My Fingers  (MAMMA MIA+Chun HEI+SHADOW+PENSIONS)  {Chinese}    mm 3.37
21The Winner Takes It All  (MAMMA MIA+SHADOW)  {Chinese}    mm 4.11
22Take A Chance On Me  (MAMMA MIA+Qiu LING+Linsen SEN)  {Chinese}    mm 3.47
23I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  (MAMMA MIA+Yu TAO+SHADOW)  {Chinese}    mm 2.23
24I Have A Dream  (MAMMA MIA+Feng CHUN XI)  {Chinese}    mm 2.55
25Waterloo  {English Chinese}    mm 2.12
26The Winner Takes It All  (MAMMA MIA+Jane ZHANG)  {Chinese Reprise}    mm 4.53

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