datABBAse - CD

Frida - Shine (Remastered)

Release Date: 28/04/2005
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Official
Catalogue Number: 986-877-5
Language: English




1Shine  {Remastered}    fr 4.39
2One Little Lie  (Frida+CHIPS)  {Remastered}    fr 3.45
3The Face  {Remastered}    fr 3.50
4Twist In The Dark  {Remastered}    fr 3.43
5Slowly  {Remastered}    fr 4.36
6Heart Of The Country  {Remastered}    fr 4.37
7Come To Me (I Am Woman)  {Remastered}    fr 5.04
8Chemistry Tonight  {Remastered}    fr 4.55
9Don'T Do It  {Remastered}    fr 4.40
10Confort Me  {Remastered}    fr 4.27
11That'S Tough  {Remastered}    fr 5.01
12Shine  {Extended Remastered}    fr 6.30

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